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Tips for Budget Travellers? The Harvey Family Legend. In , the Harvey family, with the aid of their Newfoundland dog, "Hairyman", rescued people from the sinking brig "Despatch", shipwrecked on the rocks off Isle Aux Morts.

They made another daring rescue in , saving 25 crew members from the Glasgow ship, the "Rankin". The present day Coast Guard Ship "Ann Harvey", is named in memory of the daughter of George Harvey who, while she was only 17 years old, assisted in these heroic deeds.

Buildings on Hart would continue to be erected until as late as , when the last structure, the chapel, was constructed. The reformatory became a small city unto itself, with about 24 buildings connected with paved streets. It wasn't an easy place to live as a City Council investigation revealed; the boys would be subject to various tortures, such as kneeling for hours in a room called "the cooler," being ordered to beat each other with clubs, and having to perform "stand up," which consisted of standing in a straight line for half the night during a period of a few weeks.

The island was described as a chaotic place, as the buildings would house inmates mixed with other people having mental illness, infectious diseases, substance abuse and the homeless. The boys would often become sick from sharing towels, razors and soap with residents infected with tuberculosis and other contagions.

Hart island was almost home to what would have been a very odd sight among the barred windows of the reformatory buildings: an amusement park. Solomon Riley, a black man who owned four acres of land on the southern tip, began building a park known as "Negro Coney Island" in He became wealthy by using his white wife's name to purchase property in predominantly-white areas in Harlem and renting the apartments to blacks, and wanted to open an amusement park for his new tenants, who were barred from the "whites only" parks in Rye and Dobbs Ferry.

With a dance hall, eight boarding houses, a ft boardwalk and a bathing pavilion already constructed, reformatory officials cringed at the absurdity of this park, surrounded by graves and miscreants. The city condemned the property to prevent the completion of the park, and Mr. Escapes were not uncommon, even without the amusement park to aid in sumggling. Prisoners have managed to leave the island by swimming, climbing onto waiting motorboats, or even simply running over the ice in the winter to City Island.

Then to the strains, they could easily be developed and mutated on purpose, as a sort of weapon, as someone mention, with failsafes designed into every mutation. The cannibals could be related to the strains in this way, in that they are volunteers, tribals, or mercenaries, I have no clue at that, that were mutated to see its effects on people. There is, however, a different possible explanation of the cannibals, depending on how long the islands been infested with dinosaurs.

They could be those aforementioned tribals, but some groups evolved over time, or maybe through some serum that speeds evolution, I don't know, and this could explain their ability to live on the island in a way different from their fully human counterparts.

This faction could, perhaps, be a bunch of people that were forced to go on the island, or are poachers. This could explain their not being associated with mercenaries. Last edited by creatura05 ; 14 Mar, pm. Prism View Profile View Posts. The story follows a mercenary assigned to discover "The Isle" and find the remaining survivors. The Isles scientists had been all silent and the mercenary corp needed to investigate. There scientists work could have done something wrong Originally posted by Dondi :.

That was nice Lizard, but considering the few allusions to Greek mythology Dondi has left Colossus, and Tartarus server I would like to think the governments of the world would call this something like Project Tartarus. The Isle being a land of titans, could definitely be called that. When your idea is outshined by someone else with a more complex idea ;-;.

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Hart island was almost home to what would have been a very odd sight among the barred windows of the reformatory buildings: an amusement park. Solomon Riley, a black man who owned four acres of land on the southern tip, began building a park known as "Negro Coney Island" in

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