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Gig - March part 2. There she stood at 45 a housewife through and through She saw her veins were sticking out and they were really blue She went to see a qpecialist to see what it was about He said look here you ugly cow you'd better have em out We're all into surgery a face lift everyday Cut things off and stick things on and hope that they will stay A big fat lump at 21 going thin on top He went down to the clinic to get a brand new mop Got a groovy cyrup of fig Oliver Cromwell make Everyone laughs as he goes by coz they all know it's a fake An Ester Rantzen lookalike with a goofy upper jaw When she kissed her boyfriend Pete his bottom lip went raw She went down to the dentist to have her teeth put straight They put em all in upside down now she's a right old state.

Big Sister. BIG SISTER We are good friends you and me both play in bands regularly you have a friend that everyone knows the trouble he causes really shows it's probably better if he goes away we always listen to what he has to say it's probably better if he goes away it's not just me we all feel this way we get on well just as one but he sticks out just like a sore thumb when he's there you turn your back to me you'll lose your friends just wait and see I didn't wanna tell you this way but I didn't know just what to say It's about time someone said something to you.

NME september part 1. The Gymslips - NME september part 1. NME september part 2. The Gymslips - NME september part 2. Hofman - Bank of Filth 2. Subs - C. The Orchids - Caveman 7. Gene Loves Jezebel - Pop Tarantula 9. Bonnie Prince Billy - Stablemate Unsane - S. Traffic - Feelin' Alright Newtown Neurotics - Agony Nasmak - No Touch And Go Brilliant - Holst Fairport Convention - Suzanne Where's The Beach - Suakin Tindersticks - A Night In This Heat - The Fall of Saigon Cinerama - Health and Efficiency Loving 2.

M1 3. Ferry Boat 4. Cold Rain 5. Ethiopia 7. Bush Warbler Blue Eyes 2. Paula 3. Goodnight Moon 4. Water Guns For The Afghan Rebels 2. Last Night Another Soldier 3. Kids On The Street 4. Sticks' Diary Labels: Angelic Upstarts , Peel Session. This recording is taken from the repeat on 20 April Why Me? Man On The Tube 3. Oh No It's You 4. Snow Labels: Peel Session , The Passions.

Tyla Gang - Peel Session On The Street 2. Don't Turn Your Radio On 3. Styrofoam 4. Dust On The Needle Labels: Peel Session , Tyla Gang. The Quads - Revision Time Blues 2. The Jam - The Modern World 3. Zones - Deadly Dolls 4. Idiot Dancers - True Soul 5. The James Taylor Quartet - Goldfinger 6. The Pop Rivets - Beatle Boots 7.

Merton Parkas - Empty Room 8. Purple Hearts - Frustration The Luddites - The Chords - It's No Use The High Fidelity - Whitey The Resistance - Closet Kings The Kinks - Mirror Of Love The Wolfhounds - Me The Flys - I'll Survive The Members - Boys Like Us The Pretty Things - Summertime Secret Affair - New Dance.

The Undertones - Peel Session Untouchable 2. The Love Parade 3. Luxury 4. The Sin Of Pride Labels: Peel Session , The Undertones. Napalm Death - Deceiver 2. Scritti Politti - Scritlocks Door 3. Sham 69 - Rip Off 4. Guana Batz - Dynamite 6. Rubella Ballet - Exit 7. The Stars of Heaven - Moonstruck 8. Anhrefn - Sut Fedrwch Chi Anghofio 9. The Piranhas - Saxophone A Witness - Helicopter Tealeaf Echobelly - Four Letter Word Virgin Dance - Love's Friends The Primevals - Dish Of Fish Tim Buckley - Once I Was MC Solaar - Devotion Dinosaur Jr - Bulbs Of Passion Racing Cars - Downtown Tonight Mogwai - Country Secret Affair - Peel Session New Dance 2.

Get Ready 3. Labels: Peel Session , Secret Affair. The Petticoats - Peel Session Paranoia 2. Life - No 3. Dream Labels: Peel Session , The Petticoats. Adventures In Stereo - Peel Session A Brand New Day 2. When You're Gone 3. Down In The Traffic 4. Said You Said 5. Goodbye Frozen Blight 2. Cyclone 3. I Went Hunting 4. Ice Age Labels: Appendix Out , Peel Session. Bad Religion - Recipe For Hate 3. Head Of David - Snake Domain 8.

The House of Love - The Hedonist The Sisters of Mercy - Floorshow Restricted Code - Yakov Bok Buffalo Tom - Fortune Teller Milan Station - Imaginary Baby The Fall - Middle Mass Band of Susans - Throne of Blood Ludus - Covenant The Danse Society - The Seduction The Cure - Sinking Sea Snake Beware 2.

Eating A Heart Out 3. Lillywhite's Party 4. The Sea Ritual Drowning Craze - Peel Session He Was 2. Keep Fit 3. In The Heat 4. Out Of Order Labels: Drowning Craze , Peel Session. The Letter 2. Uh Huh Her 3.

Cat On The Wall 4. Evol 5. Shame The Charlatans - Peel Session You Can Talk To Me 2. Then 3. Always In Mind 4. Polar Bear Labels: Peel Session , The Charlatans. The Associates - Peel Session Waiting For The Love Boat 2. Australia 3. Love Hangover 4. Labels: Peel Session , The Associates.

Sir Patrick Spens 2. Tam Lin 4. The Lady Is A Tramp 5. Reynardine Labels: Fairport Convention , Peel Session. Gene - Peel Session As Good As It Gets 2. The Looker 3. I Need You 4. Little Child Labels: Gene , Peel Session. Purple Haze 2. Man Without Qualities II 3. Jagger Bog 4. Big Instrumental Tuesday, 3 October Mogwai - Peel Session Summer Priority Version 3. Waltz For Jo 4.

Labels: Mogwai , Peel Session. Loop - Peel Session Afterglow 2. From Centre To Wave 3. Sunburst Labels: Loop , Peel Session. The Skodas - Dog 3. Out On Blue Six - Johnny 4. Period Pains - Ex-Boyfriend 5. Erase Errata - Ease On Over 6. Shonen Knife - Watchin' Girl 7. The Gymslips - Drink Problem 8.

Rubella Ballet - Slant and Slide 9. The Raincoats - Using My Eyes Lush - Breeze Frank Chickens - Japanese Rumba Moe Tucker - Too Shy The Mo-dettes - Bitter Truth Babes In Toyland - Mother Hole - Drown Soda Send No Flowers - Days of Rage Au Pairs - We're So Cool The Slits - In The Beginning. Siouxsie and the Banshees - Peel Session Candy Man 2. Cannons 3. Land's End Labels: Peel Session , Siouxsie and the Banshees. Light The Pipe 2.

Beethoven 3. Dance For Your Life 4. Free The Bass 5. Glastonbury Acid Rocks Labels: Live Concert , Zion Train. Boris 3. Disco By Night 4. Quinie Q This recording is taken from the repeat on 17 February Party Mood 2. Johnny 3. Mascara 4. Soft Sarcasm The Wedding Present - Peel Session This Heat - Peel Session Fall Of Saigon 2.

Not Waving But Drowning 3. Horizontal Hold Unsane - Peel Session Trench 2. Blew 4. Radio 1 Theme 5. Speak English Labels: Peel Session , Unsane. The Adverts 2. I Looked At The Sun 3. Cast Of Thousands 4. I Will Walk You Home Labels: Peel Session , The Adverts. The Meteors - Peel Session Stampede 2. Deep Dark Jungle 3. Surf City 4. I'm Just A Dog Labels: Peel Session , The Meteors. The Gymslips - Pie And Mash 3. Angelic Upstarts - Student Power 4. The Meteors - Bertha Lou 5.

King of the Slums - Big Girl's Blouse 6. Gay and Terry Woods - Full Moon 7. Jack Rose - Kensington Blues 8. The Popinjays - Fine Lines 9. The Cortinas - Defiant Pose Holger Hiller - Warm Glass The Ex - U. Hole Alien Sex Fiend - Dead and Buried Cocteau Twins - Garlands Patrik Fitzgerald - Suicidal Wreck In Excelsis - Vows Minny Pops - Goddess Culture - Fussin' and Fightin' Theatre of Hate - The Klan.

Tindersticks - Peel Session Snowy In F Minor 2. A Night In 3. Dickon Steps Out 4. Sleepy Song Labels: Peel Session , Tindersticks. The Dancer 2. Cowshed Shuffle 3. With this story, it seems like Bloch temporarily ran out of inspiration and decided to rehash Pyscho set in bourgeois Brit suburbia.

Barbara Rampling has been collected from the loony bin by her frightfully priggish brother George James Villiers, eternal avatar of the languid English toff. Your keeper! Lucy, the gleeful side of this bad penny, responds to such bloodied ends with an expression of queenly triumph.

Barbara, however, on seeing her handiwork, bears the weight of guilt with an expression of slack-jawed disbelief. Manikins of Horror: being the adventures of Dr Byron - a formidable perma-tanned academic with more than a touch of the mad scientist. For Dr Byron has a cabinet containing tiny, metal-bodied figures of all his fellow inmates and asylum staff — each identifiable by a lifelike head.

They are, he claims, alive , powered by psychokinesis. Rushing back upstairs past the Hogarth prints, Martin discovers that Byron too, bears the marks of his crushed manikin. While Asylum is rollicking nasty fun, it doesn't bear analysis unless you want to be immediately marked out as a contender for the Horror Buff's Pseud's Corner.

For me, it stands up proudly in the 21st century - chills, spice, wit and all. But then, I've always felt like an exile in the present. Also, as a kitsch hound its period charms are like bonio to me, so perhaps it's more of an acquired taste than I'm willing to concede. Ultimately, the minimal dialogue saves Asylum from ridiculousness. If you think this is a film that takes its responsibilities in any way seriously, then maybe you too, are a candidate for the Laughing Academy, my friend.

Rockers have been suffering from a mistaken subcultural identity for over fifty years. And though the Greaser tag eventually became interchangeable with Rocker, flowing alongside Rockabilly and later Psychobilly, into one big, grease-slicked reservoir, Rockers were at first out there on their own, a very pre -Swinging Sixties phenomenon.

Their roots were in the immediate post-war era: an historical incubating period for nearly every youth cult, big or small for the next 25 years.

Between and , the average wage of teens in Britain increased at twice the average rate of the adult wage. By the early sixties, the Ton-Ups had become as well known — if not better known - for their devotion to Rockabilly and a singular style of dress, as for their motorcycles, and the Rockers were born Teds, conversely, had by now passed into history — at least as a visible youth cult.

Rockers now began to strip down and soup up their bog-standard factory motorcycles, which ended up closely resembling racer bikes: speed not comfort was the desired end. As the subculture grew stronger, the outfit became tougher, largely born of practicality. The leather jackets became increasingly studded, patched and covered in enamel or metal pin badges. Levis were tough, midnight blue and wide-legged, with turn-ups of several inches plus.

Under these, a Rocker would sport the classic Lewis Leather biker, or engineer boots. Hair was Brylcreemed into shimmering pomps, ramrod stiff quiffs, or slick, swept-back waves; certainly nothing the chill air could shift while roaring up the North Circular, were you forgoing your helmet or peaked leather cap latterly a much-favoured fetish item.

A fluttering white silk scarf and aviator goggles completed the look. Of an evening, the boots might be replaced by crepe-soled brothel creepers in a spectrum of rainbow colours and off came the leathers to reveal Daddy-O-style bowling shirts.

Their drug of choice was beer, for Rockers where emphatically — almost puritanically — anti-drugs. It also strikes a blow for taking chances and not resting on your accomplishments, but most importantly, Couples is an exciting, challenging listen full of brains, daring, and plenty of icy heart. Tim Sendra All Music Guide. Etichette: Long Blondes. Taking their name from a biker magazine rather than from the white-suited character in The Dukes of Hazzard, Boss Hog's debut sounds more like the missing link between Pussy Galore and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion than something new.

That said, the band wasn't originally envisioned as the full-time project it would become. Spencer sings lead on most of the tracks and wife Cristina Martinez -- both from Pussy Galore -- mostly just growls along.

Martinez would take on more of the vocals for subsequent releases as the band became more melodic in the manner of the Shangri-Las or Bikini Kill.

The songs here certainly rock hard enough Big Black's Steve Albini handled the production duties , but aren't particularly memorable otherwise. At the time of its release, the six-song EP attracted more attention for the cover art, featuring Martinez clad in black boots and gloves -- and nothing else -- than for the music Martinez would also forget her clothes for the cover of 's Cold Hands.

Kathleen C. Fennessy All Music Guide. Etichette: Boss Hog. Attention casting directors! Are you looking for a band to provide music for the Talulah Gosh story? Look no further than Betty and the Werewolves.

This U. The two singles "Euston Station" and "David Cassidy" leading up to the release of their debut album Teatime Favourites were thrilling songs that were certainly nostalgic, but also promised that Betty were on the trail of something quite special. The first listen to the album confirms that they indeed did deliver something special. The record is filled with fast and ferocious songs that must leave the band dripping with sweat when the play them live. Drummer Doug McFarlane plays like a whirlwind throughout, working to keep the songs under control while pushing them forward with manic glee.

The rest of the group plays like they are in the middle of a mad dash, too. The songs that dial back the tempo in favor of a more restrained and thoughtful approach like "Should I Go to Glasgow" or "Hyacinth Girl" give the listener a chance to hear how lovely the vocals of Laura McMahon and Emily Bennett really are; McMahon's leads are sugar sweet and the way their voices mesh together on "Paper Thin" is worth the cost of admission alone.

These songs also provide a much-needed break for breath and some nicely melancholy reflection as well. It makes for a well-rounded listening experience, full of abandon and fun but also some spots of real emotion and beauty, too. Etichette: Betty and the Werewolves. Supersnazz are a Japanese garage rock band from Tokyo, formed in as an all-girls band Sweat Box is an album that consists entirely of Supersnazz playing other musicians' songs - right, twelve killer cover tunes.

Etichette: Supersnazz. By the time of 's Monokini Stereo Total had refined its sound, tightening up from the fuzzy, sprawling beginnings heard on Oh Ah! Indeed, it would have been difficult for them to get any looser without falling apart altogether, but fortunately they didn't sacrifice much spontaneity for smoothness. Songs like the Serge Gainsbourg-meets-Pulp pop of "Supergirl" and the stomping rock of "Lunatique" are as vibrant as anything off of the group's debut, but the more complex songwriting and cleaner sound reflect the progress Stereo Total made since that album.

The album's opening track, "Ach Ach Liebling," reveals this trend quickly: its spare production, fuzzy synths, and linear melody make it quite a departure from the noisy bounce of the previous album. A significant step forward for Stereo Total, Monokini brought some order and polish to the group's sound; for the rest of its career, the band alternated between the smooth pop leanings of this album and the rougher, punkier sound of Oh Ah!

Fans of My Melody and especially Musique Automatique who were previously unable to find Monokini will find it an especially fun and rewarding look back now. Heather Phares All Music Guide.

Etichette: Stereo Total. Under the spell of the Ramones, early 60's female pop-singers and '77 punk resulted in Japan's Banana Erectors. With the combination of May's high pitched voice leading on snotty, three-chord pop-punk resulted in a lot of attention on both sides of the Pacific and a deal with Sympathy for The Record Industry. Etichette: Banana Erectors. Although the tediousness of Ramones influenced punk sank in sometime around the release of the Queers Beat Off album, here come The Eyeliners to rekindle this worn out genre.

Dec 08,  · April saw the release of their "Rocking with the Renees" LP which also saw the band expand to a four piece with the addition of keyboardist Kathy Barnes. With two further John Peel sessions, good reviews for the "Robot Man" single and the release of the album in a different sleeve and with the title "Drink Problem" for the American market.

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Rocking With The Renees on Discogs. Label: Abstract Records - ABT ,Abstract Records - ABS F • Format: Vinyl LP, Album Vinyl /5(6).
  2. May 23,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Rocking With The Renees on Discogs. Label: Abstract Records - ABT • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: UK • Genre: Rock, Pop • Style: Power Pop, Punk, Oi.
  3. Aug 27,  · referencing Drink Problem, LP, Album, ABT Same album track listing (essentially the same album) as Rockin' with the Renees, different sleeve art Reply Notify me Helpful/5(28).
  4. Discogs: Vinyl, Drink Problem. リリースのクレジット、レビュー、トラックを確認し、購入。 Label: Abstract Records - ABT • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: UK • Genre: Rock, Pop • Style: Power Pop, Punk. The Gymslips ‎– Drink Problem 4/5(3).
  5. The Gymslips were a spirited punk-influenced pop band. The lyrics to songs like Drink Problem, Face Lifts, Barbara Cartland and the title track are hardly sophisticated, but they will make you smile. And they also do some great cover versions - Suzi Quatro's 48 Crash and a song called Robot Man, which, for me is the highlight of the album/5(3).
  6. Dear Marje I wanna 48 bust I've tried cotton wool And think I've been sussed My boyfriends ashamed of my tiny chest He just disowns me when I wear a vest Dear Marje I am in great despair My boyfriends wearing my black underwear I really don't know what I can do Everyone says I should write to you Dear Marje I'm being scared to death By a pest.
  7. Sep 13,  · Rockin' with the renees LP INCLUDED A FREE 4 TRACKS EP: Silly egg / Take away / Pie N Mash / Multi coloured sugar (ABSF) ABSTRACT ABT /
  8. Sep 08,  · With two further John Peel sessions, good reviews for the "Robot man" 45 and the release of the album in a different sleeve and with the tittle "Drink problem" especially for the American market. The Gymslips future looked bright but twelve months of personnel and contractual problems led to Paula having to recruit a new line up and start all.

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