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Introspection Late Night Partying. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. Stream or buy on:. Release Date March 13, Track Listing. Raine Maida. Our Lady Peace. Right Behind You Mafia. By early , while touring for Clumsy , the members of Our Lady Peace were already eager to get back into the studio. Everyone's hovered over their four-track machines, if we're not trying to work things out in sound checks.

Mike Turner and Raine Maida say they wanted to make an album that didn't sound derivative, an accusation that had stung them in the past. Smashing Pumpkins leader Billy Corgan infamously accused them of ripping off his band. They tried to counter the remark for their new album. According to Raine Maida, the overall idea of the album is human obsession, "A lot of this record came from obsessions: Definitely seeing those obsessions in the States, the guns, the Gap ads and how the media determines who you are these days During the recording of this record, we talked a lot about death, for whatever reason.

There's definitely an obsession with death and a huge fear. But in knowing that, it makes you hate these other things more, because it's not what life's about. Buying Tommy Hilfinger sic because it's cool has nothing to do with any kind of emotional value or content, and music for me does. So when they hit each other, I get pretty emotional about it. The band began writing, demoing and general jamming for Happiness Recording began in mid-January The band isolated themselves in the studio with little outside contact.

They spent one and a half months recording the bed tracks of vocals and guitar and a week and a half each for drum and bass parts.

The album took four months to record in all. See more. Our Lady Peace. Somethingness is the ninth studio album by Canadian alternative rock band Our Lady Peace. Produced under Warner Music Records label by Jason Lader, who also produced their preceding album Curve, this is the band's first studio album in nearly six years and it was heavily promoted using the PledgeMusic platform, a website which facilitates musicians reaching out to their fans to market and distribute music.

It is the first OLP album to have been released in two separate volumes; Vol. The album is the first not to feature original drummer Jeremy Taggart, who departed from the band in , and is the first to feature Jason Pierce, who officially replaced Taggart in Curve is the eighth studio album by Canadian alternative rock band Our Lady Peace, released on April 3, The album was recorded from through at vocalist Raine Maida's home recording studio.

Curve's first single, "Heavyweight", was released on December 20, The music from Curve has been touted by lead singer Maida as being "more experimental and ambitious" than the band's concept album Spiritual Machines. The album's cover features Canadian heavyweight boxer George Chuvalo, whose vocal excerpts are featured in the album's tenth and final track "Mettle". The album debuted at No. This is the last album to feature drummer Jeremy Taggart, who left the band in June The time between Curve's release and the band's album Somethingness marked the longest gap between Our Lady Peace studio albums to date, at nearly 6 years.

Burn Burn. The album's title is based on a quote by Jack Kerouac from his novel On the Road. Down in the Weeds is just the statement of grounding that we need as a respite from the churning chaos around us.

William Wyler's Roman Holiday crosses the postcard genre with a hardy trope: Old World royalty seeks escape from stuffy, ritual-bound, lives for a fling with the modern world, especially with Americans. The Flaming Lips' American Head is a trip, a journey to the past that one doesn't want to return to but never wants to forget.

With the release of his seventh solo album, Late Night Laments , Tim Bowness explores global tensions and considers how musicians can best foster mutual understanding in times of social unrest.

It felt like a new band, totally fresh. During the band's holiday break from recording, Raine received a phone call from Rock on Christmas Eve , asking him if he had anymore song ideas to consider before they returned to the Maui studio in January.

The call prompted him to write seven songs over the next ten days. Upon returning to the studio, sections from two of Maida's demos were combined to form the hit song, " Somewhere Out There " at Rock's suggestion. I demoed a bunch of songs over Christmas, when we had a break for 10 days. I wrote, like, seven songs and brought them back. Bob listened to all seven songs and then listened to song number three halfway through and song number six halfway through and said, 'OK,' told the engineer to stop the CD, and got us to go put the verse from song three and the chorus from song six together and was like, 'That's the song.

For the ten weeks they were in Maui recording spread over 4 months , the band lived together and would surf and ride mountain bikes in the mornings then work on the album in the evening, usually recording one song in one day and only for a couple of hours before and after dinner. The track "Made of Steel" was recorded three separate times during the sessions with the last take being used.

According to Raine, "We had gone back to Maui to finish some small details on the last two songs to be mixed and 'lo and behold! The recording technique for this album began a trend of recording songs live in the studio together with minimal overdubs that continued on their later albums. According to the band, doing it live works to create a more realistic set of sounds, "a vibe" reminiscent of Led Zeppelin or early David Bowie , mistakes and all. In earlier albums, they would record each instrument separately and at different times.

They began recording "Bring Back the Sun" before the lyrics were even finished. Raine stated his intent for the album's sound, "Basically what he [Rock] did with Metallica on the 'black record', we talked and wanted to take that kind of approach. Let him simplify stuff. Let him take away We always usually try add as many layers as we can to our music, and Bob said, 'Let's try to add not so many. Raine said in an interview that most of the lyrics on Gravity were rewritten because producer Bob Rock felt that the songs would be stronger with simpler lyrics, so that listeners could understand what Raine was talking about.

He kept telling me to rewrite stuff because he didn't understand what I was trying to convey in my lyrics. He would say, 'Raine, I don't have a fucking clue what you're talking about.

Convince me. Explain to me what you're trying to say in your lyrics better. I would say, 'Jesus, I don't know what you're asking me to do here.

I don't think I can do whatever it is you want. Looking back now, I'm a better writer for it. The album was originally planned to be released on June 11 but was pushed to June 18 because the artwork was not ready in time.

Gravity debuted at 2 on the Canadian Albums Chart , selling close to 25, copies in Canada in its first week.

This album displays the great band Our Lady Peace at their pinnacle of creative ability. Their previous release, Happiness, was a step in the right direction, but this album completes the transformation. This album is based on the amazing book by Ray Kurzweil by the same didsfecbiwhilrare.ununitlartabesympphrathlospebotu.cos:

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Spiritual Machines on Discogs/5(14).
  2. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Spiritual Machines on Discogs.
  3. Our Lady Peace ~ Spiritual Machines didsfecbiwhilrare.ununitlartabesympphrathlospebotu.co While Spiritual Machines is not strictly a concept record, much of the CD's lyrics were inspired by the Ray Kurzweil's book The Age of Spiritual Machines: When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence. That explains the spoken-word bits--performed by Mr. Kurzweil himself--between some songs, as well as the general themes of spirituality, and technology /5().
  4. is not a Fish That You Can Catch," Spitual Machines definatly light a new fire in my die-hard Our Lady Peace fans heart. With tracks like, the catchy "Middle of Yesterday" and the deeply moving and emotional "Life", Spiritual Machines is a must have for all Our Lady Peace fans.
  5. Oct 13,  · Our Lady Peace should of just gone to an independent record label. I say bring back Mike Turner make some new music. Its so very overlooked this album, much much better than that Gravity album, and far to unplayed, and for , considering some of /5().
  6. Obviously striving for a deeper meaning rather than the overly passionate composition found on their last album, Our Lady Peace goes for the concept record. Spiritual Machines is a bold move, considering it's the band's fourth album into their mounting career. Still, Raine Maida is confident. Spiritual Machines is exactly what he hoped it would be -- intelligence with a cause.
  7. Canada seems to grow 'em either snarky or sincere, and Our Lady Peace are the sincerest modern rockers unleashed yet by our northern neighbors. Their fourth album shows no change in their rock-festival-ready sound nor any lessening in their likable earnestness; inventor Ray Kurzweil's speculative book about machines taking over the world.
  8. Jan 14,  · Wikipedia | Spiritual Machines is the fourth studio album by Canadian alternative rock band Our Lady Peace, initially released by Columbia Records in December The album was a conceptual interpretation of Raymond Kurzweil’s book The Age of Spiritual Machines and featured spoken dialog from Kurzweil himself.
  9. Spiritual Machines is the fourth studio album by the Canadian alternative rock band Our Lady Peace, released by Columbia Records in December Although not initially intended, the project evolved into a conceptual interpretation of futurist and inventor Raymond Kurzweil's book The Age of Spiritual Machines. Short tracks of spoken dialog from Kurzweil himself are interspersed among the actual .

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