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Come To Me Lover Man Contract On Love Tracks of Disc 2 1. For Your Precious Love 2. Gypsy Woman 4. Mighty Good Lovin' 6. Night Train 8. Aged And Mellow Blues 9. Talk That Talk Drinking Again Sad Mood No More Cryin' Blues Dearest One Back Water Blues Hey, Hey Baby Blues No More Pain Moon Ray Hesitating Blues Meet Me In Church How Long Blues Revenge Flashback with Curtis Mayfield CD.

Get Down [Single Version] 3. Superfly [LP Version] 5. Pusherman [LP Version] 6. Future Shock [LP Version] 7. Kung Fu [LP Version] 9. Q : 5 Stars - Indispensable Tracks of Disc 1 1. Little Child Runnin' Wild 2. Freddie's Dead 4. Junkie Chase 5. Eddie You Should Know Better 7. Think 9. Give It Up Tracks of Disc 2 1. Keep on Keeping On 3. We Got to Have Peace 5. Beautiful Brother of Mine 6.

Back to the World 2. Future Shock 3. Right on for the Darkness 4. Can't Say Nothin' 6. Keep on Trippin' 7. Ain't Got Time 2. Sweet Exorcist 3. To Be Invisible 4. Power to the People 5. Kung Fu 6. Suffer 7. Make Me Believe in You. Rock The Boat 2. Without You 3. My Angel Baby 5. Here You Come Again 6. My Maria 8. Everybody Plays The Fool 9. Amie I'm Your Boogie Man 2. The Streak 3. Draggin' The Line 4. Pillow Talk 5.

She's Gone 6. Freddie's Dead Theme From Superfly 7. Jim Dandy 9. Good Times Knock Three Times 2. Brand New Key 3. Sara Smile 4. All By Myself 5. Seasons In The Sun 6. Just Like Romeo And Juliet 9. Torn Between Two Lovers Midnight Blue Tracks of Disc 4 1. Radar Love 2. Kiss You All Over 3. Temptation Eyes 4. Don't Pull Your Love Out 5. Rocky Mountain Way 6. Free Bird 7. Woodstock 8. Drift Away 9. Funk Soul: Hold On!

I'm A-Comin' CD. Nutbush City Limits 2. Operator 3. Pickin' Wild Mountain Berries 4. You Keep Me Hangin' On 6. LP - On Stage - Chuck Berry [] , 29 Although this purports to be a live recording, it is actually studio recordings with audience noise overdubbed. Originally issued in mono only.

Reissued in electronic stereo as LPS, with the orange and blue label. Side 1 of the reissue is in "Duophonic"-type rechanneling, but side 2 is not.

Reissue has no banding on side 2. Cover and announcer advertises "Surfin' U. At about this point, label changes to the black "crest" label. Some copies of this album were pressed with the old blue Chess label. LP - Mr. At about this point, label changes to the blue "fade" label. Some copies of LP used an aqua transition label. Some copies of LP may still have used the old label. Jacket logo is a stylized wheel. Jacket logo is the later knight chess-piece horse head. At this point, logo on the record jackets changes to the stylized chess knight horse head logo.

The retitled version had an identical cover photo, with the title changed, a slightly bigger Chess logo, and a list of song titles added. The label inside still had Unbelievable as the title. LP - This'll Kill Ya! LP - One More Time The announcer notes the artists for these interludes are "Minnie and Chuck," possibly the Rotary Connection with Minnie Riperton. The voice sure sounds like her. We've called this group the Petal Pushers for want of a better name, and we've made up names for the interludes, although they aren't listed on the LP.

Once again, I had an intimate contact with the floor. Oh god, coming in contact with the floor twice in a single day is not a good thing. Is the floor trying to make a move on me? Recovering my senses might not be a good thing either. Because, earlier, the first thing I did was try moving, but, it seems my four limbs were currently tied, and I was unable to move at all. Because, I had only seen two scenarios when it comes to this sort of situation. Based on the earlier situation, why do I feel that both scenarios are highly likely to happen!?

As for the first scenario, I have completely no idea how I should react to it at all. The moonlight was shining through the window, adding on to the weird atmosphere. In any case, I should find a way to escape. This… Are you kidding me? Currently, Oyado was actually wearing what seems to be a very thin pyjamas. And I wonder which pervert designed this, as it seems to be only made out of a single layer of yarn. I suddenly felt something was about to awaken from the depths of my heart, but I immediately closed my eyes and forced myself to calm down.

Back then, Oyado was only a cute loli, but when I look at her now… her body is. Just what kind of unsavory thoughts of my pure, cute, small, and perfect little sister did I just have!?

Hey hey, as a loli whose age is not even a third of mine, what kind of weird nonsense are you talking about!? Big brother, ever since you came back to the academy, you no longer look at Oyado.

Your knowledge is too extreme, I think we should talk about this after you finish reading up about things like this in the library!

No, wait! Hand over the bastard who was in-charge of implanting memories into Oyado! I guarantee that I will not kill you! After saying that, Oyado approached even closer, and she stretched out her hand. Damn it, do I really have to use my ultimate move? Oyado was still slowly approaching me. Watching a little girl, who was wearing a thin chiffon nightdress, approaching me, I could feel my heart beating abnormally fast.

But at this rate, my heart will burst! Just which lolicon came up with such a piece of clothing!? This is too frightening. Not just her chest, even her private parts below could be seen with a single glance… Just who the hell made these pyjamas!? Can something like this even be bought here? I can no longer come face to face with this world. Oyado, you have totally become dark, do you know that?

In this day and age, has the idea of lolis having dark personalities already turn into an iron law? In a flash, she kept the dagger behind her back. Oh my god, when did you pull that out? Were you really serious on cutting my fingers? Too scary… If you give me this sort of surprises every day, my heart will not be able to take it, you know. Oh my god! Why does it feel so warm tonight!? Oyado is my dearest sister!

Have I not said it before!? No matter what, I will always be by your side. Not good. I must think of a way to escape from this predicament. Otherwise, Oyado will definitely do something to me! I have no confidence in my talking skills at all.

She will always wake me up kindly every morning. She then rubbed her body beside me. I suddenly felt my body trembling in an instant. Eh, I seemed to have clicked on something…. When I turned to look, the finger which Oyado pressed down earlier was now tapping on the skill list, and on the skill that I wanted to use earlier! Before I could even react, the two of us were instantly sent to another place! But, when my body fell, I seemed to have landed on something soft… is it a bed? It was another loli wearing her pyjamas.

A young girl wearing a pyjamas with strawberry printings, Aliyah, was raising her sword as she looked at us. Probably because she saw me hugging Oyado, who was wearing a thin chiffon nightdress, as we teleported into her room, she instinctively activated her punishment mode. You pervert!

To think I would be in this sort of predicament on the first day of school. This is really unbecoming of me. And naturally, Oyado would not simply look on when someone was about to attack me, and thus, just like that, the two of them started fighting. And in times like that, no matter how I thought about it, the best option available was to flee. After pondering for a long time, I finally decided to sleep at the cathedral at the corner of the city.

Then, in the morning, I sneaked into the crowd of students heading to school, and took the train heading towards Doge Military School. Because it was the first school ceremony after the merger of the two schools, the two school managements decided to host the ceremony together.

That was what I thought. But, my dream was shattered in an instant. The moment she said that, I felt someone gripping onto my shoulder! After saying that, with a swing of her right hand, she pulled out her sword.

But, I immediately grabbed onto the hand she was wielding the sword with. We can talk later. She pushed my hand away, and sheathed her sword. Then, she started walking towards the practice field.

After introducing the three Knight Squads, the principal who was in-charged of giving the speech, continued on. Discussions started to break out at every corner of the practice field, as everyone did not seem to have expected this development. Team leader — the Ice Magician, Lin Fir! The other leaders from the three Knight Squads looked at me with a very horrified expression. This is understandable, after all, a contender suddenly appeared, and the person was a Magician to boot.

This development must have been beyond their comprehension. Of course, so as to allow the team to become even stronger, the strongest team will be able to pick out ten team members from the other three teams to further increase their strength. Oh, this sure is a pretty good condition. Like this, the winner will be able to create the strongest team possible.

And, he looked. Although the Knight of the Blue Seas did not use an heavy mace as his main weapon, this girl actually took the only Heavy Mace skill passed down from the Knight of the Blue Seas and trained it the point of perfection. Heavy Mace Wielders. This girl was already able to wield the abilities of the Sweeper to a very terrifying degree.

Although she did not learn any stronger skills, with just the range of skills she could learn, she already turned into a very strong warrior. According to her battle records, this girl had already exterminated more than a hundred- no, a thousand enemies, consisting of monsters and rebels in her country. Although I have no idea who kept track of the count for her, she can be understood as someone with terrifying actual battle experience. I wonder if she will turn into a meat grinder when she wields her broadsword.

These were all the information found from the information databases of various countries. We just had to slightly crack their passwords, and diligently copied their information over. Although their levels were only a little higher than mine, compared to those in the Magic Academy who did not have any battle experience and only know how to throw big spells, these people are really much more threatening.

There might even be stronger foes or hidden bosses in their teams. To the four team leaders, please return to your teams. I had to stand right in front of so many people at such a short notice, the pressure was no joke at all. Earlier, I could only keep calm by trying my best to not look at the crowd. But, just right at this instant, an attack warning came from behind me!

According to the earlier positions, from the direction of this attack, the person. When he was sorting out his helmet earlier, he used his right hand, so he should be a right-hander, then, this attack of his must be coming from his right!

I moved away from the spear, and straightened my back. This guy even laughed before he dodged. It looked like it was a completely easy feat for him. You guys definitely look better with smiles on your faces.

Why did all of you look so sullen earlier? Alright, then, we will meet on the battlefield. If I had not hinted to Oyado not to attack before I dodged his stab, it would have definitely been troublesome.

Geez, these people are really underestimating me too much. If a new team were to appear, it had to be agreed upon by at least two of our Knight Squads. Otherwise, we will exterminate it with our full force. But, I charged straight towards it, and snatched the mic from her. We will definitely prove that we, magicians, are really strong as well! We are not existences that would bow down to anyone! I will not say anything extreme regarding this matter, after all, our team is also formed by both magicians and warriors.

Suddenly, the field broke into thunderous cheers, among them, were knights, as well as magicians. I hope that, when we battle, you will still be able to say something like that.

You actually gave such a hot-blooded speech during the opening ceremony! Earlier, when I was on the stage, I was so frightened, I broke out into cold sweat. If I had accidentally said anything weird, it will probably cause us to get sieged by all three sides instead. If that were to happen, we will be in big trouble. Sweeping my gaze through the entire room, other than Kechjen who came with me earlier, the rest were basically already sitting inside. The winning will obtain 1 point, while the losing side will be deducted 1 point.

Fleeing will result as a loss. Every three days, each team is allowed to initiate a group battle request once, with three people in the group.

The winning side will obtain 5 points, while the losing side will be deducted 3 points. Bai Yueguang swept his gaze around the entire room, and said that. He was probably looking at the levels of the members in the room.

If we were to encounter those knights, we will be at a disadvantage. If we really have to, we can simply use the group battles every three days to earn back our points. Especially you, Fir. You have become absolutely famous. The records of your battles during the Annual Tournament are currently the hottest items among the information merchants, you know. Hurry and sell them, and remember to split the profits with me.

Those guys sure are… efficient. This is only the afternoon of the first day. Bai Yuegang and Hei Luoli, meet up with Anne. Dale, start monitoring all the networks in the academy!

If anything were to happen, contact me immediately! To obtain victory, Shir just have to watch his attacks and react accordingly. If the enemies were to simply attack recklessly, magicians will have the upper hand. However, if the enemies were to attack continuously, the moment the magicians lose control of the flow of the battle, the magicians will definitely lose.

A large tornado barrier was protecting Shir within, and outside, Krans, who was wielding his broadsword, simply smiled as he looked at Shir who was in the tornado.

Looks like he brought along recovery potions. While on the other side, although he did have wounds on his body, he did not bother recovering his HP. No, some warriors possess skills that can increase their damage when their HP is low.

If this guy does possess such an ability…. Either his profile is being fabricated, or his kingdom did not keep records of his information. This guy is actually a prince disguising as a regular noble? To think I was able to instantly find out such a mysterious setting… Well, whatever. Currently, I have no time to pay attention to this sort of weird scenario in whatever kingdom.

Ah whatever, rather, believing my opponents in times like this appears to be too naive of me. If his opponent were to attack the instant the tornado disappears, then Shir will definitely be in danger. Currently, Krans had already taken his stance, and a deep yellow light was slowly emitting from his armor! Just when the tornado was about to disappear, Shir suddenly took something out and pinched it, and a white fog instantly filled up within the green tornado!

Oh, oh, oh! He actually learnt to camouflage himself? Not bad! But in the next second, he moved. A giant slash immediately flew towards the tornado which was about to disappear!

The sword wave instantly sliced apart the disappearing tornado, but in the next second, he found out that there was nothing within the tornado! From the movement of his name, I could clearly see that, the moment the white fog built up, Shir had already summoned another tornado within to send himself flying in the air.

Immediately after, countless of wind blades shot towards Krans! After his body was struck by two wind blades, he immediately reacted. Stabbing his broadsword into the ground, a black armor instantly appeared on his body! Looks like you guys are indeed not that simple. This is totally different from what you guys said in the morning, you know. Did I hit the mark?

I have a feeling that, if you guys were allowed to continue battling, it will definitely become dangerous for us. But that no longer matters, because the moment he judged that using a defensive skill was his best option… he had already lost! This proved two things. As I thought, after the attack ended, Krans immediately dispelled his defensive skill.

Points Awarded: 1 Total Points: 1. Points Awarded: 1 Total Points: 2. Points Deducted: 1 Total Points: 1. Dale, is that one of your inventions? Looking at Shir who was walking over, I laughed as I patted on his shoulder. I did really well, right!? Arriving at the central square, the first thing I saw was Princess Anne being healed by her attendant.

Seeing me quickly rushing over, she bitterly smiled, and apologized softly. An armored knight was currently walking down a three-meter tall exoskeleton doll, and… he sure looked pretty satisfied.

The enlarged portion is where a human could load into it, which also allows the human to be the core of the doll. That sure is a good idea. That was probably why this exoskeleton was invented. But this thing was actually already materialized. Are these already nearing the stage of mass production? Dale, did you hear me? Are you able to find any information about them?

I used the direct call function to contact Dale, but… I did not hear any reply. This guy, did he head out for dinner or something? Haris accepted the challenge. But, why did Dale suddenly want to challenge him? When I heard this broadcast, I was really shocked. But, since you accepted my challenge, then, I will guarantee that I will definitely, and absolutely… defeat you very easily.

Haris immediately leaped into the exoskeleton, carried up the big-scaled iron rod beside him, and rushed over! You guys are people who rely on your abilities to battle. The moment you start believing in some other power, you have already lost. Special Tech — Control Override. Haris instantly stopped moving, and the iron rod in his hand stopped in the air. As if time had stopped, the exoskeleton completely froze on the spot. He sure is frightening. After saying that, Dale pointed his right hand to the right, and an equipment that looked like a launcher appeared beside him.

After the entire exoskeleton shook for a few moments, it fell onto the ground with a loud bang. Then I will… personally send you off. Do you know? Looks like this guy is really excited as well.

A series of electrical currents flowed continuously into the exoskeleton, and finally…. The exoskeleton exploded, and the countless pieces of scraps scattered around the square, but Dale, who had already summoned a shield, did not move at all. Points Awarded: 1. Total Points: 2 From start to finish, Dale did not even move from his initial position. He sure is stealing the spotlight, huh. Dale looked at the debris around the barrier, walked over to a side, and picked something off the ground.

Back then, in the Smuu household, I have seen information regarding this exoskeleton, but I had never seen the actual thing. And, the database did not have any detailed information on them. But, I knew there were a control system and a black box installed in this thing, so I decided to come out and collect them.

And at this moment, a small girl carrying a heavy mace leaped over from afar and landed before us. When she heard my words, Masha, who was initially furious, immediately panicked like a little kitten, and tears began to well up in her eyes. Geez, if you knew about it, why did you still ask!?

Looking at her panicked expression, I started to wonder… Is this girl actually… a very innocent idiot? The seasonal features of this world are very similar to our former world, where the summer sun will only set after half past seven in the evening. We will only gain fats after eating this much oily food! I hurriedly hinted Oyado to keep quiet, and Oyado nodded. With a wave of her hand, a grey layer of membrane descended on my body, and the two of us were actually slowly becoming translucent!

Incredible, is this some sort of skill? I nodded, and then looked towards the direction of the red dot. The sun had only went down not long ago, but the surroundings were already slowly submerging into darkness.

It did not look like there was anyone in the square. The debris on the ground will only be retrieved tomorrow morning,. The moment I said that, I saw that Oyado was already right behind her, and then, she used something to tie up her entire body. A headband was tied at the top of her long, light yellow hair, and she wore a pair of round glasses on her face, which looked just like a western doll. Are you really one!? Hurry and release me already! No, I suspect that the terminals were created by these people as well!

Just when we had just arrived back at base, Dale, who looked as if he had taken stimulants, instantly rushed towards us! After saying that, he immediately grabbed onto my arm and pulled me into the laboratory in his room.

The moment I entered the laboratory, I was almost shocked to death. Even though it was still a very clean and tidy room yesterday, currently, it was filled with various types of equipment.

At the center of the pile of equipment, there were a large screen made out of four smaller screens, and countless data and numbers were quickly jumping about. I wondered which network he had invaded into. And at the center of the room, countless wires of unknown materials were connected to the black box Dale retrieved.

And it even has a signal transmission device installed! That means we will soon be having somewhere to store a large amount of information. This means that the person who created this had already directly replicated the technology from our world! The terminals being used right now are simply created with unnecessary amounts of similar materials, hence, the terminals are this huge. But, according to the technology used to make this black box, they most likely had already made working models of laptops!

Seeing Oyado happily stretching her hand towards Tia, I gentlemanly turned to face somewhere else. I turned back to look at her. Then I will simply ask you then. Have you guys already developed laptops and handheld phones? Speak, what are you guys planning to do with them? Why are you helping this pervert-glasses! Zac Chap- a young musician who pays tribute to Richie Havens and Havens' version of the song, featured as the fifth track on his first EP titled Wingless.

Released October. Can be found on YouTube as well as Soundcloud. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Vinyl Factory. Telstar Records. The Kleptones.

Features The Greatest Album Covers: Pioneering Sleeve Designs. From indelible images to perfect portraits, the greatest album covers provoke and awe just as much as the contents inside.

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