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Forsikringen skal have mulighed for at taksere skaden. Foto: Jesper Elgaard. Der vil ikke blive trukket penge fra erstatningen pga. Der er som regel altid en selvrisiko, som du skal betale.

Selvrisikoen kan variere i pris. De fleste forsikringsselskaber har en klageafdeling, du kan skrive til. Eisfabrik -Null Kevin. Eisfabrik -Rotationsausfall in der Eisfabrik. After a two year break Eisfabrik are back with an EP announcing the upcoming album "Kryothermalmusik aus der Eisfabrik". Eldar -Nous. Continuing the evolution of the sound of his previous album, a sound that becomes characteristic Eldar in recent years. Eldar -Sapere Aude. On this new album, entitled "Sapere Aude", each track has been created in a unique collaboration with closely-related bands and projects, each adding their own instrumentation, melodies and voices, and yet all strongly bound together by the special Eldar sound to create an epic and entralling listen.

Electro Spectre once again haunts the world with a new album tweaked to rough perfection. Electro Spectre -Beautiful Lies. This is not typical re-release, all music tracks of the original album was digitally remastered, some tracks were re-recorded, in new bonus-section included remixes that never was released on CD before.

Electro Spectre -Dangerous Game. Electro Strip -Electro Strip. Electro Strip "Electro Strip". Elegant Machinery -A Soft Exchange.

Both advance singles catapulted Elegant Machinery into the single charts in their home country and filled us with big expectations. Elm -Extreme Unspoken Tension. Elm -Hardline. Empathy Test -Safe From Harm. Empirion -I Am Electronic. The much admired techno-industrial hybrid act from Essex is coming back with an absolute banger of an EP containing perhaps the strongest tracks of their entire career. Empirion -Resume. There are not a lot of electronic dance albums eagerly expected by their fanbase 23 years!

Empty -Surfacing. Empty "Surfacing". Surfacing is the long awaited debut album from Empty which represents a whole new realm of sound by integrating organic emotion with raw elements of desperation and melodic electronics. Empusae -Lueur. Empusae has been paving the way for many years now, resulting in the release of one critically acclaimed album after another. Empusae -Sphere From The Woods. Since the very beginning, the addition of acoustic instruments and tribal, ritualistic influences have been an integral part of the omnipresent electronic soundscapes of Empusae.

Empusae -Symbiosis. This album is the brainchild of a liaison between two exceptional artists: sal-ocin who made a name for himself as a collaborator and band member as well as with his solo project empusae, and marc titolo aka marc t. Encephalon -Psychogenesis. One of Canada's hottest industrial acts is Encephalon from Ottawa. Encephalon -The Inhuman Condition.

Founded in the Canadian capital of Ottawa in , Encephalon have held the electro-industrial scene enthralled for over five years. Endanger -Larger Than Life. Electropop "made in germany" is a rather rare good these days. Endanger -Polished. The Braunschweig germany based electropop project returns after 5 album releases and 6 singles.

Endanger -Revolt. Germany based electropop act Endanger are back with their fourth studio album to date. Endanger -The Show Must Weitergehen. Endless Shame -Elevator. Endless Shame is an alternative band from the south of Sweden. Endless Shame -Generation Blind. The Swedish Electronic band Endless Shame are back. Enduser -Enter To Exit. Enter to Exit, life as a passage in time, the need to reinvent yourself: Lynn Standafer aka End.

Enter And Fall -Isolation. Erdling -Aus Den Tiefen. ES 23 -Heaven Or Hell. ES 23' is no short form neither a 'number game' but for sure one thing: fresh, damn good 'dark-electro'! ES 23 -Mutatio Ex Machina. ESA -That Beast. ESA "That Beast". Electronic Substance Abuse, the creative outlet for maniacal musician Jamie Blacker, has a forthcoming studio album, That Beast, which is set to be released via Negative Gain Productions in March of Esplendor Geometrico -Cinetica.

Esplendor Geometrico -Fluida Mekaniko. The cult band based in Madrid and Rome, influential "industrial" pioneers of the pulsating, hypnotic and tribal rhythms since presents new album: Fluida Mekaniko. Esplendor Geometrico -Ultraphoon. Recorded in Madrid and Rome during , this is the new album by the influential electronic duo ranked as industrial music pioneers.

Essence Of Mind -Indifference. With"Indifference", the Norwegian act delivers its 3rd albumwhich confirms the band's sound evolution made of a blend of electro,industrial rock, drum n bass, alternative and pop, always on theedge. Essence Of Mind -Insurrection. It is definitely not everyday that Norway bears a new electronic fruit. European Ghost -Collection Of Shadowe.

European Ghost "Collection Of Shadowe". European Ghost is an out-of-control and multi-faceted project between electronics, echoes of kraut music, drones, dark waves and an autistic post-punk. Feindflug -Hirnschlacht. Feindflug -Vierte Version. Excellent debut album from Feindflug. Feindflug -Volk Und Armee. This is the long awaited and welcome return of one of the undisputed masters of aggressive, uncompromising aggro-industrial music.

Felix Marc -Parallel Worlds. After the release of his debut album "Pathways" some three years ago, Felix Marc Diorma, Frozen Plasma returns with his second solo album, "Parallel Worlds" - a masterpiece in modern electronic pop!

With songs such as "Repair" and "Ghost", this album presents even more massively catchy tunes than his debut did. Felix Marc -Pathways. Felix is well known from bands like Diorama and Frozen Plasma. Felix Marc -The Muse. Fix8:Sed8 -Foren6. Fix8:Sed8 -Warning Signs. For those still brushing aside the tears after the demise of the globally famous Nitzer Ebb way back in , cry no more!

Fizzarum -Frisson. Fizzarum is a unique word, a cunning manipulation of latin, russian and english. Folkstorm -Nihil Total. Formalin -Bodyminding. How do you set a city to music? Formalin -Wasteland Manifesto. Fractured -Beneath The Ashes. This thematic challenge is taken up by Fractured on the second full-length, "Beneath The Ashes". Fractured -Only Human Remains. Freakangel -The Ones To Fall. Beware: this is the hardest album ever released by Alfa Matrix in 11 years!

Please keep sensible souls away from these poisonous sounds. Front -Pulse. Frontline Assembly -Airmech. Frontline Assembly have composed and recorded the soundtrack for the video game "AirMech". Frontline Assembly -Artificial Soldier. The boys are back in town! Frontline Assembly -Echoes. After two milestone releases, is shaping up to be nothing short of extraordinary for the Front Line Assembly camp. Frontline Assembly -Echogenetic. With the new alum Echogenetic, long running industrialists Frontline Assembly show a new facet of this respected band.

Frontline Assembly -Fallout. Frontline Assembly -Improvised Electronic Device. Frontline Assembly delivers a hearty and robust album thick with a hybrid of electronics and guitars, I. Frontline Assembly -Wake up The Coma.

Electro-Industrial act Front Line Assembly has always pushed the boundaries of the genre it helped define. Frontline Assembly -Warmech. Frontline Assembly "Warmech ". Head of arsenal Bill Leeb is joined by Jared Slingerland, Sasha Keevil, Craig Johnsen, and the late-great Jeremy Inkel on a tour de force track full-length album that is as much electronic masterpiece as it is game soundtrack gold.

Frozen Plasma -Artificial. Frozen Plasma -Dekadenz. Frozen Plasma -Gezeiten. Frozen Plasma -Monumentum. Frozen Plasma -Pakt. Rarely has a publication in the run already hit such waves. Funker Vogt -Aviator. Undertaking to diversify sound structures overall "Aviator" still relies on the fast beat-driven rhythms and sequences Funker Vogt are renown for but these are further enhanced with more emphasis given to well placed sounds and samples making "Aviator" a much more pronounced album.

Funker Vogt -Blutzoll. Funker Vogt return with their 8th full length studio album, entitled "Blutzoll". Funker Vogt -Code Of Conduct. Four years after the release of their last album Companion in Crime, Funker Vogt are finally back.

Funker Vogt -Companion In Crime. All is new, prepare for the storm! Funker Vogt are back and they are not here for idle small talk. Funker Vogt -Conspiracy. Limited edition 7-tracks EP in digipak with 8 pages booklet! Only one and a half year after their last stroke of genius "Wastelands", Funker D. Funker Vogt -Feel The Pain. Funker Vogt -Ikarus. Funker Vogt -Musik Ist Krieg. Funker Vogt strike back! Funker Vogt -Navigator. Funker Vogt -Wastelands. Funker Vogt "Wastelands ".

On the other hand as a regular album in a jewelcase without bonus tracks see further down. Future Lied To Us -Presence. Future Lied To Us "Presence ". The electronic pioneer and founding father of synthpop, Gary Numan, celebrates his 40th anniversary as recording artist. Geistform -Fusion.

Geistform -Tension. Geistform -United Radiations. Ghostland -Dances On Walls. Ghostland "Dances On Walls". Ginger Snap5 -Against The Days. Sometimes the work of a record label has an interesting side effect: It defies borders, and cultures, especially with an international artist line-up like ours.

Glis -Phoenix. Almost 8 years have passed since the release of "Nemesis". God Module -False Face. Already firmly cemented as one of the most popular current acts in the dark electronic scene, God Module returns with False Face. God Module -Prophecy. On the new album, Prophecy, we find God Module further evolving into the monster it was meant to be. On the new album Prophecy, we find God Module further evolving into the monster it was meant to be.

God Module -Seance. The US-grandmasters of Horror-Electro are cordially inviting you to a sonic invocation of ghosts. God Module -The Unsound. Already firmly cemented as one of the most popular current acts in the dark electronic scene, God Module combines elements of harsh Techno, Darkwave, Goth and Industrial. God Module -The Unsound Remixes. The Unsound Remixes features 17 re-imagined versions of God Module's most recent album.

Goo Munday -9 Lives. From Sydney, Australia comes Goo Munday. Grendel -Age of the Disposable Body. Grendel -Ascending The Abyss. Grendel -Harsh Generation. Grendel -Timewave Zero. After their massive album release "Harsh Generation" and the current e. Greyhound -A Storm Is Coming. Hante -Between Hope And Danger. Hante -Fierce. Hante is a one woman project from the Paris-based Helene de Thoury.

Hante is a one woman project from the Paris-based Helene de Thoury, Hante. Hante -Fierce Remixes And More. Hante -Her Fall And Rise. Hante -This Fog Never Ends. Store private fester forbydes. Helt vildt. Dramatisk brand: Brandmand fik gavl ned over sig. Trump: Det kommende valg er en katastrofe. Efter studietur: 11 elever fra samme klasse smittet. Efter stigende smittetal: Tyskland advarer mod Danmark. Har du set Lisbeth og hendes Hyundai? Several very talented bands made their appearance who had a huge impact, not only on the Danish scene but also internationally.

Xenofobulus : No Horizon Monospore : Control [Cyberworld remix] Machinesoldier : ACT. Norad : Fortitude Previously Unreleased Parzival : Orbis Tertius Gaddafi Remix Altarian Project : Pain Previously Unreleased

Pacific Storm Da vi var kommet på plads på Pacific Storm, satte Flip Nicklin sig i skrædderstilling på sin køje og monterede et Sea & Sea-undervandshus på sit Nikon D Han klemte lidt silikonesmørelse fra en lille tube ud på fingerspidsen og smurte det på kanten af .

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  1. CYBERWORLD XX by Various Artists - CYBERWORLD XX, released 20 October 1. Xenofobulus: No Horizon 2. Monospore: Control [Cyberworld remix] 3. Machinesoldier: ACT.A. 4. Leæther Strip: Power Trip [Cyberworld version] 5. Birmingham 6: The Kill (In Deeper Waters) 6. In Absentia: Sound Zero [Cybersonic Mix] 7. Arzt+Pfusch: Landspeeder Interrupted [Nifle .
  2. Various Artists "CYBERWORLD XX" Label: Braincorp. Records () Special October price as our compilation was released a year ago! saw the release of CYBERWORLD, the first compilation of Danish electronic music from the underground. It heralded a new era in Danish music, an electronic revolution.
  3. Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album saw the release of CYBERWORLD, the first compilation of Danish electronic music from the underground. It heralded a new era in Danish music, an electronic revolution.
  4. 04 Leæther Strip - Power Trip (Cyberworld Version) 05 Birmingham 6 -The Kill (In Deeper Waters) 06 In Absentia - Sound Zero [Cybersonic Mix] 07 Arzt+Pfusch - Landslider Interrupted [Nifle Mix] 08 Norad - Fortitude (Previously Unreleased) 09 Parzival - Orbis Tertius (Gaddafi Remix) 10 Max M - Længes Efter Storm (Previously Unreleased).
  5. Freddie er 12 år og meget overladt til sig selv, da hans far er politibetjent med skiftende arbejdestider. Freddies mor har været død i fem år. Men da Freddie en dag ser en hund, som bliver mishandlet af sin ejer, tager han ansvar og befrier dyret!
  6. En gang var en storm bare en storm. Nu er det tegn på at dommedag står for døren. En af Europas mest erfarne klimaforskere går i rette med hysteriske politikere Hans von Storch har fået Tysklands højeste udmærkelse, Bundesverdienstkreuz, for sin forskning i klimaudvikling. Samtidig har fået masser af tid og spalter i de tyske [ ].
  7. On Blackened Wings is the new remix album from SHIV-R, featuring track-for-track remixes of their latest album Wax Wings Will Burn, plus a couple of bonuses, for a total of 15 remixes by artists such as ΔAIMON, Thomas Rainer (L'Âme Immortelle), Nitronoise, Freakangel and remix contest-winner Thanosmylonas.
  8. Stærk, let og mæt - Indbundet, Anden, Anden bog, Stærk, let og mæt Slut med mellemmåltider! Anne Hjernøe troede, hun kunne gå og tabe sig over 20 kilo i fred og ro. Men efter et tv-program fik hun en storm af henvendelser fra folk, der gerne ville vide, hvordan hun havde gjort, og om hun havde nogen gode råd. Derfor har hun skrevet.

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