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Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. The Crackler Episode Inspector Marriott of Scotland Yard needs Tommy and Tuppence's help to defeat a gang of forgers who move in high society. Marriott suspects that the exclusive Python Club is at the centre of the fraud, so the Beresfords go there armed with money to gamble away.

The Case of the Missing Lady Episode Gabriel Stavansson, a polar explorer, gets home from his latest Arctic expedition and finds his fiancee has vanished without trace while he was away. Gabriel calls in Tommy and Tuppence to find his bride, and as they join the hunt they are soon embroiled in curious events at The Grange. The Unbreakable Alibi Episode 9.

The rich young Monty Jones calls in Tommy and Tuppence to help him win a bet with Una Drake, the Australian journalist he is in love with. The stakes are high - if Monty wins, Una has agreed to marry him, but if he loses they will never meet again. The Man in the Mist Episode 8. Tommy and Tuppence have failed to crack a robbery, and they are sitting in a smart hotel drowning their sorrows in cocktails. Suddenly, they have a murder mystery on their hands. The Ambassador's Boots Episode 7.

Taglines: They took crime off the streets and put it back in the drawing room. Edit Did You Know? The introductory story, "A Fairy in the Flat" not only has the Beresfords asked to take over The International Detective Agency, but reveals that the agency's former manager, Theodore Blunt, was a part of a spy ring, and the Beresfords are tasked with intercepting coded messages.

The three unadapted stories find the Beresfords threatened by various spies and eventually, discovering the identity of agent No. The book ends with them closing the detective agency and Tuppence announcing she is pregnant. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Add the first question. Edit Details Country: UK. Language: English French. Runtime: 50 min 10 episodes. Sound Mix: Mono. Color: Color. Edit page. Add episode. September Streaming Picks.

Editors' Picks: Netflix Highlights. I'm trying to find words to describe it. I wasn't harmed and I didn't see any spirits come out at me, but the whole experience feels like something I might not do any justice in trying to describe.

I should just get this opening thing out of the way and get to the game. The sooner I do, the sooner it's out of my mind. So the game started up like a Sega CD game should, and then I was introduced to a roaring orchestra along with Godzilla's familiar roar from the 70s. The opening scene was of Godzilla walking at the bottom of the ocean floor while probably just searching for food. I don't know if Akira Ifukube did the soundtrack for this, but if he didn't then Shou found someone who sure came close.

I recognized the Godzilla suit being used though. Gigan with all of the battle scars and still in working condition. Then the screen cut to an underground volcano with air bubbles rising to the surface. There was a low-pitched laugh before the volcano burst in an explosion and the kanji for "Godzilla vs. The Devil" came up. Saying I almost shat my pants when I saw those words is a bit of an overstatement, but I was truly in awe at the idea that I had just discovered that there is a lost film in the Godzilla franchise.

Not only that, it was the one that had to be referenced by Ed Godziszewski and here it was in video game form in my apartment with me as its audience. I was relieved to see that the options menu had English subtitles for gameplay, otherwise there was just a master volume slider I left untouched. The game opened with the shining Toho logo from the 70s films and then faded to transition to what was probably stock footage of an active volcano with the Ifukube-esque soundtrack made to prepare the viewer for this film.

About ten seconds of various camera angles of flowing lava passed until a narrator began talking. My Japanese is decent but the subtitles seemed to be properly timed and gave an accurate narration based on what I know of the language.

The narrator began his introduction by saying, "Though science has continued to dominate the 20th century, there must come a time the most certain forces will change everything at the most base level.

There were a few changes to eruptions of lava before the narrator continued, "When mankind comes face to face with the most ancient fear. One greater than that of from any world.

The Adversary. The Devil. The Godzilla depiction of the Devil, Satan himself. If you've ever seen the film Legend by Ridley Scott, this depiction had a resemblance to the Lord of Darkness from that film, just more of a paper mache rendition with an elongated mouth to fit the kaiju mold. The scene then cut to an area where a man spun around to say, "That is why you must keep the Lord in your hearts.

The day that the Devil walks the Earth will be the final test for us all. The camera moved away from the mans face when someone asked, "Yuu! You are in there? I could swear that two of them were the main children from Gamera vs. An older man in the same coat stepped in when he asked Yuu what he was doing. Yuu explained that he was giving a lesson on what to prepare for in their twilight years.

The older man stepped between him and the kids when he told Yuu that he had to maintain his mind as a scientist and not a priest. Yuu identified him as Professor Kouki when he agreed that there was still a place for God in the realm of Science. The professor held up a copy of "On the Origin of Species" by Charles Darwin and told Yuu that superstition had no place in the world of science and rationality.

He even commented that it was impossible for the Christian god to exist since Godzilla already existed and was a force that destroyed so much of the lives of many. An allusion to the question of God allowing bad things to happen if there was one.

The professor then told the four children to go out into town and prepare for the experimentation while Yuu, or Doctor Rin as the professor called him, would lead them outside. The scene changed to a setting out in a city background as the four kids walked away while Professor Kouki asked if the children would know where to gather "Anti-Uniformity Patterns".

Yuu corrected that it was "Satanic Patterns" before assuring that the children had been appropriately taught.

The screen paused for a second before loading to a boy walking down a city block who turned his head both ways. The scene was noticeably of lower picture quality and stayed this way when the camera changed to pan across to what looked like a simple married couple while across the street there were two men holding hands and smiling at each other. The camera turned to pause in between the two before the scree paused to display two yellow arrows pointing in both directions.

I wasn't sure what I was expecting and I know a lot of FMV games are known for mostly being button prompt games in the vain of Dragons Lair, but here I was instead being given a choice. I was being asked to choose between the two men and the married couple to gather these "Satanic Patterns" I was being told to gather.

The good news was that there was also a save option in blue letters in a gray box which would allow me to keep my progress. I used it and started to make my choice.

I wasn't sure what the right answer was, but if the game was in the direction I was worried it would be headed, I felt like I knew the answer. Just to test it I picked the married couple before the game cut to another scene change. A boy was walking across a less convincing city background for a second before the actor who portrayed Yuu covered the mouth of the child from behind and poked the child in the chest with a cattle prod.

Before showing anything else the scene changed to a black screen with the kanji symbol simply saying "Learn". Below it there was a continue option. It was right then I learned what this was. Shou Takumi was a Christian of the less desired kind. He looked down on those who dared to live against the Christian doctrine and this was just from the opening of the game. Worse still, I saw a poor child get electrocuted onscreen. Something I never expected to see even in the least tasteful FMV game anyone could think of.

Even though this game is using footage form over forty years ago, I still can't help but feel shock and regret for not being able to do anything. Going from there I avoided making the same type of choices a second time. The continued option thankfully brought me back to the choices I had before and this time I picked the two men. The movie return to its original quality and it showed the boy walking up to the two men and used another prop from Godzilla vs.

Gigan, the guns the cockroach aliens had. Instead of blasting anything though it made the sound of a small vacuum cleaner leaving the two men confused.

The scene cut back to Yuu explaining to the professor that since homosexuals couldn't reproduce they were an affront to common decency and the will of the Lord. This was another scene that made me feel uneasy. I should probably warn that these scenes aren't very sensitive. This scene was also of lower picture quality than most of the recent ones.

If you haven't heard of workprints there are some filmed scenes that don't even get included as deleted scenes in home video releases. Scenes from a workprint are basically that and I have a feeling that these were removed scenes originally but added into the game to expand that experience.

For obvious reasons I think you can tell why I don't think this is the only reason this game never found a publisher. Moving on there were three more scenes where the first I had to chose between a kid eating two ice creams that were almost as big as his head and a man walking his dog.

From this point on I tried to maintain Shou Takumi's mindset so I could avoid seeing the child being tased again. The kid with the ice creams turned out to be the right choice and Yuu talked about gluttony being a way of taking the Lord's gifts of nourishment for granted.

The second being a man in his business suit with a pouch of found yen bills and a boy chasing a girl his age. The businessman was the right choice and Yuu recited the phrase from Maththew about the subject of wealth.

The final choice was between a Buddhist priest and a reporter with someone searching through a nearby window. The Buddhist priest was the right choice and Yuu explained how false prophets would try to stray good men from the path to heaven.

The picture paused as the game loaded to restore to the better picture quality to show Professor Kouki insisting that Yuu return inside to wait for the children to return with their findings. The two men walked inside before they saw the children enter.

They handed their guns when one of them reported that they found their selection of "Anti-Uniformity Patterns". Professor Kouki thanked the boys as he collected the guns before taking them to this machine that had a gray upside down cone as a base with four circle slots surrounding it while holding a clear globe with lights prepared to be turned on and probably spun like a merry-go-round. Yeah there are some Godzilla movies notable for some "out there" scientific concepts or inventions and this looked like one of them.

What this one did was turn on as soon as the four gun barrels were inserted when the lights began to spin. Professor Kouki stepped back to watch the device work. It continued to spin but then a piece of the globe burst and a bright sphere of light flew out of the room. Professor Kouki looked up from behind his desk when he watched in astonishment at what happened.

Yuu seemed more concerned when he asked where the light had gone. Professor Kouki seemed to still be in awe when he said that the extra pattern might have caused it to burst out of the containment field. They ran outside to watch what was happening and saw three lights spin out of control then soar across the sky. Professor Kouki pointed to how they all planned to reach out to differing directions.

The camera then changed to varying locations. A light flew into the sea, another to the peak of Monster Island, and another above the remains of Letchi Island.

For the last one it flew into one of the giant condors as seen in Ebirah, Horror of the Deep. I didn't get to see the others but the final light that remained in the air flew across the skies to a far off land. It cut away to Yuu who showed a concerned look and voiced his concern about what the lights were going to do.

It cut back to the condor as it lifted up into the air and flew away from its location, probably something it wasn't supposed to do out of natural habits. The scene then changed to Monster Island with interestingly enough stock footage from Destroy All Monsters. It actually showed Kumonga of all kaiju looking up to the top of the mountain.

After that the screen blanked before loading to a gameplay section I didn't expect. It was a platforming section and I was playing as Kumonga. The screen panned as the spider kaiju left the island beachside as he traveled into the forests. The up arrow allowed for a jump while the A button served as a physical attack and the B button shot a ball of web.

I have a feeling that this section of the game might have been an after thought, as if the lack of use for a C button wasn't the first clue. Meanwhile the level itself mostly just had a few pits that were easy enough to jump over while there weren't collectibles or smart action sequences and there wasn't any enemies showing up for well over a minute.

At least that was the case until I came across Godzilla Junior. This little guy only fired his smoke rings that were easy to jump over before I just used the web shot as it rendered him immobile and for me to jump on. There was no score and Junior didn't do any death animation. Instead Kumonga flew across the screen as he went over a sizable pit.

The same thing happened as Kumonga did another platforming section until I came across a matured Mothra. It was about here things started to get a little harder. I had to aim properly and time my attacks properly but she went down after a few hits. There were finally some moving platforms every now and again to vary the levels a bit and it continued until I reached Gorosaurus as an opponent.

Even against his attacks I was able to handle myself easily before jumping on him across the next pit. You might have noticed I didn't mention taking damage or anything. It's because I did everything I could to avoid it. The further I got the more unsure I was if this was one of those 1-hit kill deals where losing makes me do the whole section over again. Added to the fact that really the enemies were actually pretty easy, all I had to do was avoid collision from their slow movements or their occasional breath attacks.

The formula repeated when I got to Varan and finally Rodan. Once I jumped on Rodan it seemed like the level was complete as Kumonga leapt high into the air and what seemed to be nothing. This part of the game was kind of fun in a cheap I-phone game kind of way, but I knew how Takumi was a filmmaker first and many things after before being a game designer. Assuming he even worked on the gameplay anyway. The game paused before it loaded the film footage to show Kumonga crawling up to the glowing light with a very reminiscent feel of the "Godzilla's Rampage" music piece in the background.

As he made his way up I realized something throughout the whole platforming section, I never encountered Anguirus. It was pretty quick that I found out why.

The guy walked up the mountain on his fours before roaring something to Kumonga. Before the monsters could fight over the light it shot its way to Kumonga and seemed to envelope its whole body in light for a second before something changed about Kumonga's puppet. The eyes had all been replaced with a solid red color and there were no pupils. It was then that Kumonga shot his webbing on Anguirus to have him completely enveloped in webbing.

Anguirus struggled as much as he could, but Kumonga was slowly approaching his prey with his poison stinger at the ready. Before the situation could get any worse for Anguirus, he seemed to fall backwards or trip on something as he went rolling down the mountain. The camera focused on Kumonga's distorted eyes as a water splash sounded off-screen. That was probably going to be my cue that Anguirus wouldn't have a major role in this story. The game paused to load again before it switched to the city again.

This time Yuu was walking up to what looked like an orphanage where a young woman was waving goodbye to a gathering of children. She was holding a crucifix across her chest along with a bible. When she turned to the next corner Yuu appeared and greeted her as Hotaru. Here there was a bit more interaction between the humans where Yuu started to give his rundown of his work day and how he didn't appreciate Professor Kouki who he identified as Hiraku trampling over his faith like it was a children's fairy tale.

Hotaru gave a promise that the true believers in Christ would one day show that they were right. Even going so far to call the equivalent of Roman times when their faith was constantly put to the test.

That was when Yuu warned her that he recently collected the energy waves of four mighty sinners. Apparently him and Professor Kouki were trying to go all Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by attempting to remove the sinful side of humanity from existence.

He then expressed his worry of what the supposed pure form of sin could do to nature. True to what character she was given, Hotaru promised that his faith would remain an unshaken rock and that it alone would be enough to stand mightiest opponents of Gods creation.

I can say that this was the part of the film that establish the two having a relationship. The film then cut to the ocean as it showed the light falling into the sea. That was when the film showed the footage of Godzilla from the opening. It then showed an entirely new kaiju that I hadn't seen in any Godzilla film but I have seen before. This thing had a striking resemblance to that creature never seen until more than 25 years later.

Just like Kumonga its eyes were a solid red without any pupils. It started to swim forward and it went past the volcano from the intro before it was headed towards Godzilla. It rammed head first into Godzilla before it knocked him down and then backed away to prepare for another attack.

It was about to aim for Godzilla's head this time before he was able to make that bite, Godzilla brought his arms up to widen Dee-Dweller's jaws more than they were probably supposed to. At least this seemed to be the intention before Deep Dweller pulled away.

The screen went blank to offer the SAVE option and then loaded another gameplay section. Godzilla and Deep Dweller were facing each other fighting game style complete with health bars on the upper corners and four stacked bars between them.

The section started and I immediately had a feel for what kind of controls I was dealing with. If you were unfortunate to play Ultraman for the SNES the controls were set up much like that in sluggishness and as it would turn out mechanics. Playing as Godzilla I used the directional pad to move with the up button to jump. The A button was a claw attack while B was a tail attack and the C button actually did something this time.

The bars up top progressed slowly but when the second bar was almost full and I pressed the button , Godzilla just gave a roar that would send Deep Dweller all the way to his side of the screen. After getting past the second bar Godzilla used his atomic breath that took away about an eighth of Deep Dweller's health. I managed to get through the section or at least get Deep Dwellers health down to something. That was when I realized how much this section was like Ultraman because even at no health Deep Dweller kept fighting.

Unfortunately at that point I only had less than a bar of energy left. At the time I didn't have a lot of health left and simply took a few hits before the game changed to another cinematic. This time it showed Deep Dweller lodging one of its teeth up into the neck of Godzilla to puncture through him before the screen went to a tinted red and paused with the sight of him being in pain.

The white kanji symbol game up for "struggle" as it gave me the option to continue. Thankfully I was able to start over with an idea of what to do this time. In the Ultraman Super Nintendo game getting an enemy down to zero health was the first step, the second was for the power bars to fully charge before finishing the battle by using the final energy attack.

So I went with this strategy so I could win and cause the film footage to progress. Deep Dweller still punctured Godzilla's neck like before but this time he pushed him off and unleashed his atomic breath. This brought Deep Dweller to the ground before Godzilla swiped across his face and took a chomp at one of Deep Dweller's eyes.

Before any more of the violence was shown the blood from Deep Dweller rose to the top and a light rose up from the defeat.

Instead of the gold one from before though it was now crimson red. It hung there in the air like it was a new sun. The camera changed to Yuu and Hotaru watching the light with a sense of fear as they wondered what the light heralded. The film then changed to night where the red light still shined. Then it revealed a cleared forest where two men in white robes stood watching. One of them asked a question to the leading man who wore an upside down crucifix against a pentagram on his robes.

He asked what the red moon was supposed to signify. The man answered that this was the first signal of the arrival of their lord Satan. I was a bit thrown off when I saw this the first time. It seemed like the film was announcing the presence of a Satanic cult in Japan. Christianity is a minority already in Japan, but the idea of Satanists being there might as well say that say that all of the nations followers would be right here in that spot.

Even worse it already felt like this movie was supposed to be a promotion for Christianity, what was a Satanic cult supposed to do to move the story? I started to get a little worried considering how much more graphic this Godzilla film was than most. The man with the crucifix then ordered his subject to get a sacrifice ready.

This was where things started to get me really uneasy. The game faded a little to offer a chance to save before it loaded to another screen. Now I was curious what sort of gameplay I could expect this time. The game opened to a cinematic that showed a woman sleeping on a stone slab while she herself was dressed in just a white robe like the last two characters I saw. She slowly woke up fore she felt her hands tugged by a rope that was attached to where wrists.

Once again the footage was at a lower camera quality but I could see the woman attempting to slip out of her restraints that were attached to the stone pillar in front of her. She looked up at the top of the pillar and then the camera changed to her point of view. I realized that now the game was entering a point and click section much like Myst when the camera remained fixed on the statue of Baphomet atop the pillar and gave me a basic mouse cursor to move and select on things.

The quality wasn't entirely up to snuff though at this point as I quickly saw a nagitana blade leaning to the woman's right. I was right in my first guess to click it which caused a cutscene of the woman cutting her restrains on the blade.

She was free and stood to look around the room. The first thing I saw when she stood up was a pile of clothes consisting of what looked like a motorcycle jacket, a pair of jeans and a small red hat.

Was this what the woman wore before? When I clicked on them it seemed to be the case when she rummaged for something.

She didn't seem interested in removing the white robe she wore but instead wondered where her things were. After a little maneuvering around the room I got to the door which turned out to be open but only led to what looked like a cavern.

I was only able to turn left but saw a dimly lit cell at what seemed to be a distance away. I continued down until I saw something that really proved my fear. There were iron bars that looked like part of a prison cell but worst of all there were children inside. All of them looked dirtied and scratched in some way but more haunting was the face that non of them even made a sound when the cutscene came up. I had the option of looking in which caused the same cutscene to play, clicking on the nearby table or continuing to the left.

I picked the last option hoping that it would bring me to a scene where I could escape but when I got to the exit I came across the thing that is hated in many adventure games. Text that kept me from leaving that translated to "Not without my things". I remembered seeing some items on the table from a while ago but I was apparently in too much of a hurry. So I backtracked to the prison of children to find the effect was at least a little less effective this time.

But seeing them beat like this had me uneasy on several levels. I checked on the table where I managed to get a better view of the things the woman must have had. Picking up the wallet I had found a name for this woman. Kotone Aoi was listed as her Drivers License name and there was a picture next to it.

It was a photo of her and Hotaru. That was what tied this part of the game to what happened before, I was playing as who I could guess was Hotaru's sister. With that out of the way I thought I had what I needed to escape but was blocked by another text.

I probably should have guess that I would have wanted to free those children but I didn't see any keys that would have led me to think it was doable. I didn't know who Souta was at this time but I would probably have to find him too. I probably missed the option to turn left when I turned back but saw it was possible. That was when a cutscene of Kotone walked into the cavern where she came face to face with a man wearing a white robe and a bugaku mask.

He asked Kotone if she believed in God to which she replied no. The man stepped aside to allow Kotonoe to pass into another room where she saw something exceptionally unpleasant. There was a man on a meat hook from behind with an upside down crucifix on his chest. The voice of the masked man announced, "The keys to the future lie inside.

The game returned to the point and click interface one more time before I was given another choice. I couldn't turn back or explore but only look at the limp body of the dead man.

I only had one option to click on. The cut in his chest. When I clicked on it I heard Kotone announce Souta's name in between sobs.

It confirmed the masked man's riddle for me as well since Kotone reached both of her hands into the cut while she still sobbed. After a few seconds her bloodied hands took out a ring of keys probably meant for the prison cell. That was when the masked man announced, "She is what we seek.

Following up 's "Thug Lord: The New Testament" and 's Luniz album, "Silver & Black", Yukmouth finally returned solo in August with "Godzilla." 1. Godzilla - Good beat, Yuk comes good on the opening track, hook is good - //5(31).

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