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My sister didn't cause any of this. You want to blame someone, blame Glory! Blame those bastard Knights! Blame the people who wanted to hurt you. It's all me! She was never sick, then the big blob of energy turns up, and suddenly she has a brain tumour?

You think that's a coincidence? You remember when she last had a CAT scan? The doctors told her it was probably there for months before she felt the symptoms. Before you were sent to us. Mom wasn't your fault. Tara wasn't your fault. Giles wasn't your fault. Faith wasn't your fault. Everyone ended up sleeping at the Summers' house, returning to the hospital that night. Spike was already there; he had arrived at sunset, sending the exhausted Giles home for the night, and was sitting with Faith when the gang arrived.

In spite of Buffy's best efforts, Dawn insisted on seeing Faith. Buffy expected her sister would break down in tears, but Dawn was feeling too emotionally numb by this point. Buffy's expression somehow managed to combine hope and guilt. Is there something you and Tara can do, a spell or something, to hide her? Shouldn't that count for something? It counts for a lot, but she killed people, remember, human people. She murdered that geologist, not to mention helping the Mayor try to eat our whole graduating class.

Willow could feel her resolve weakening. Does it matter if the cops find her here? She should get some credit for it, not just get caught because she was hurt before she could turn herself in. I think she's earned that much. Willow's desire to help her friend finally won out over her lingering hatred of Faith.

If she agrees, we'll look for something. A watch rotation was soon decided and everyone except Buffy and Spike headed off again; Willow and Tara staying over at the house with Dawn while Xander and Anya returned to his apartment. So Buffy watched Faith, looking for some sign of improvement, while Spike watched Buffy. For a long time neither of them spoke. Buffy looked up at him in surprise — truthfully, he'd been so quiet she'd almost forgotten he was there. Her brow furrowed in confusion as she realized what he'd said.

I should've made sure he was dead the first time. If Faith hadn't followed me…" Spike screwed his eyes shut, not wanting to think about what that would have meant.

Buffy wanted to say something comforting, knowing how bad she felt when a self-perceived failure got someone hurt. She remembered standing with Giles by Jenny Calendar's grave "I wish I could have killed him for you…for her…" , but some part of her did blame Spike for this. She knew it wasn't fair, but the angry voice at the back of her mind kept repeating, he promised to protect Dawn, and he failed.

Not trusting herself to speak, she reached out and took his hand. They sat like that for a long time. Xander and Anya came by to relieve them a little before dawn, giving Spike time to get back to his crypt safely. Willow and Tara took over in the early afternoon, and Buffy returned that night, this time with Giles.

She'd asked Spike to watch over Dawn that night, allowing Willow and Tara some time alone together, and he'd readily agreed — they were both a little uncomfortable together after the previous night. Through it all, Faith remained in a condition described by the doctors as "serious but stable".

In the small hours of the morning, Buffy was returning to Faith's bedside from the bathroom when she saw a familiar figure at the nurses' station asking where Faith was. A moment later she was running into his arms. The vampire just had time to brace himself before impact.

Buffy hugged him ferociously before stepping back a pace. I kept calling, and I just got the machine…" In spite of the circumstances, Buffy couldn't help smiling at the sight of her ex.

We were…uh…out of town, on a case. Buffy let out a little laugh. Giles rose from his chair as Angel came in. Their greeting was civil but a little awkward; the matter of Jenny Calendar's death and Giles' torture still hung between them, in spite of their best efforts. Both were quick to return their focus to Faith. Angel had known from Buffy's phone calls that Faith was in bad shape, but seeing her was still a shock. In the near-silence of the ICU, he could hear her heart beating steadily, but he knew that was only part of the picture.

The last time Faith had been in this situation, she had stayed unconscious for eight months. There was no telling how long it would be this time.

Giles shook his head. He told me that Faith's vital signs are stable, she's just unconscious. If her condition hasn't deteriorated by morning, they're going to move her to a regular room. There's nothing more they can do, we just have to wait. Angel scribbled something on a piece of paper and handed it to Giles. Call me if anything happens? Willow lay gasping for breath, her eyes glittering and unfocussed, as Tara moved to snuggle in beside her.

They had gone to Willow's house after Buffy and Giles had relieved them at the hospital at sunset — their dorm room was missing a wall after Glory's visit. The only thing on their minds had been rest, to recover from the physical and emotional strain of the previous few days, but once the two witches had settled into bed they had found they couldn't keep their hands off each other, in spite of one of Tara's being in a cast.

If Willow had been thinking clearly, her psychology studies would have told her that sex was a normal life-affirming response to a dangerous and traumatic situation, but Tara's efforts had virtually reduced her mind to the "fire bad, tree pretty" level. Tara placed a soft kiss on her girlfriend's cheek and couldn't help but giggle at her glazed expression — the combination of codeine for her broken hand and the endorphins flooding her bloodstream after hours of sex had left Tara feeling slightly intoxicated.

Willow managed to pout for a whole two seconds before laughing herself. She leaned over and kissed Tara gently, then lifted her head again, her expression suddenly serious. I can't remember the last time I said that…". Tara silenced her with a swift kiss and said "I love you too, Willow. And you don't need to say it. You saved me, you brought me back. Willow smiled softly and laid her head on the pillow again.

With you. Angel perched himself on the next gravestone along. Didn't you think I'd help you? Buffy was slightly taken aback by not completely disguised look of hurt on Angel's face. Besides, it didn't seem necessary. I mean, I knew Glory was dangerous, but we seemed to be dealing.

Even when Faith showed up, I though we could handle it. Then it all just blew up…God, it's been less than three days since Tara was attacked! It was all so sudden…". She must've loved that. Angel laughed quietly. Except the part where they were going to kill her, of course.

Buffy looked at her watch. We should get back to the hospital. You got anywhere to stay? There's a bed set up in the basement, Faith was sleeping there. It's not much, but it's pretty much sun proof. Angel smiled gently. It'll be good to see Dawn again…" He trailed off, remembering.

The branches rustled gently in the warm summer breeze. Faith stood silent, her eyes closed, soaking up the warmth and the mingled scents of the woodland.

Faith turned at the sound of the voice, her eyes snapping open. Buffy was standing a few yards away, gazing down into an open grave. Her outfit chilled Faith's blood: black leather jacket, black t-shirt, red leather pants — the same clothes she had worn the night they fought at Faith's apartment.

Looking down at herself, Faith realised she was wearing her clothes from that night too. The scar on her stomach began to throb slightly. So we don't even rate a headstone…" Faith snorted in disgust. You think the PTB're trying to tell me something? I'm not supposed to be here any more. You were right, Sunnydale is supposed to be your town. You're the Chosen One now…".

Faith stumbled and fell to the ground. Who cares how it's always been? In the brief moment she'd lost sight of Buffy as she fell, Buffy's outfit had changed; instead of the clothes from their pre-graduation battle, she was wearing a long, almost funereal black dress. Behind her, Faith could see that a headstone had appeared at the other end of the grave. Take care of the world, okay? Faith darted forward and grabbed her wrist, but couldn't keep her balance against their combined momentum and they both tumbled in….

Buffy snapped awake, her eyes darting around as she tried to get her bearings. Realising she was in her bedroom, she sat up slowly, trying to calm the pounding of her heart. She looked over at the clock: pm. She'd been asleep for barely four hours. She'd been looking forward to getting Angel settled and being in bed soon after sunrise.

In retrospect, she should have foreseen the complication…. In her house. Alone with her sister. Angel hadn't been pleased by that revelation, and Spike wasn't happy about the object of his affections having her ex as a house guest.

There had been a lot of glowering and muttered threats before she finally got Spike out of the door and Angel into the basement. The confrontation had woken Dawn from a night of fitful sleep, and she hadn't felt like going back to bed, so the sisters had shared an early breakfast before Buffy headed upstairs.

Once in her bed, however, Buffy had been unable to settle, tossing and turning for hours until exhaustion overcame her.

As her heart-rate returned to normal, Buffy slipped out of bed and headed for the shower. She tried to put the images from her dream out of her mind as she washed off the sheen of sweat it had caused. The sweat washed away easily; the residual disquiet was more persistent. Buffy's sense on unease only grew as she went downstairs. There was no sign of Dawn.

Her bedroom door had been wide open, showing a clearly empty room, but she wasn't in the living room or kitchen. Buffy was about to start calling Dawn's name when the slightly ajar basement door caught her eye. She found Dawn sitting on the camp bed with Angel, talking quietly.

Dawn was smiling for the first time in days, and started giggling as she saw Buffy. Buffy did her best, but within seconds she was laughing harder than she had when she heard about Harmony and her "minions".

As much as he wanted to feel put upon, Angel was glad to hear the two Summers girls laughing; he had a feeling that there hadn't been much laughter in the house recently.

Eventually, lack of air forced an end to Buffy's laughter, but she still couldn't look at the vampire with a straight face. Buffy was about to ask for details when they all heard the phone start to ring. Buffy ran up the stairs and into the kitchen, snatching the phone from its cradle on the wall. For a moment Buffy just stared at the phone, not quite comprehending what she'd heard.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Dawn appear at the basement door, her expression questioning. Shaking herself out of her daze, Buffy replied, "We're on our way.

As Buffy hung up, Dawn walked slowly toward her, afraid to ask what the news was. Buffy stepped forward to meet her sister and wrapped her arms around her. She's okay…" Neither realized they were crying. Tara concentrated for a moment, then replied, "Maybe a little, but only because I know it's there. Suddenly, she grabbed Willow's arm. Willow looked over and saw why Tara had become so excited. The wounded Slayer was slowly flexing the fingers of her right hand, the one that wasn't in a plaster cast.

A few moments later, her eyelids fluttered briefly, then slowly opened. Faith blinked several times, trying to focus, before she looked around the room. It took her a moment to spot the two witches sitting by the window.

Tara just smiled shyly and waved her cast. Faith suddenly jerked up off the pillow, trying to sit upright. Is she okay? They won in the dream, but she still died…. Tara smiled reassuringly. I-I mean, we were all upset about you getting hurt, but now you're awake…". Faith subsided onto the pillow, relief washing over her face. As she lay down again, she finally noticed the casts and bandages covering her.

So that's why I sound hammered. It's good. What month is it? As soon as the door closed, Willow's face hardened.

It took a moment for what Willow had said to register in Faith's morphine-clouded mind, then confusion registered on her face. Why the hell would Red do anything for me?

Damn it, Faith, quit feeling sorry for yourself! I'd rather not be healing up in the prison infirmary. I put a couple in the infirmary, and everyone's left me alone since, but if I'm laid up like this they might try to settle some scores…" And I've had enough knives in me to last a lifetime…. After a moment, the door opened, and one of the doctors came in to take a look at Faith. He had just finished when Tara returned.

Faith smiled weakly at her. Neither of them saw Willow's eyes narrow. The bed was empty. Giles answered, his voice soothing. The doctor took her up for a CT scan a few minutes ago.

She'll be back soon. Buffy visibly relaxed, as did Dawn. The two sisters sat down on the edge of the bed to wait. After a moment, Buffy asked, "Any luck finding a spell? Willow smiled slightly. It was pretty easy, really; we'd already looked into using it once before. I-I mean, we'll all still see Faith 'cause we know her, but the staff here should just see her as a patient.

If a cop saw her we might have a problem, 'cause watching for escaped prisoners is sorta their job, but…". I know we kept Faith hidden before, but she has done what she came here to do…". Xander and Anya arrived a few minutes later, and soon after that, the group decided to wait outside in the corridor "where the chairs live", as Xander put it.

Half an hour passed, then an hour. Xander was returning from fetching coffee when the elevator doors opened, and Faith was wheeled out, looking tired but a little more alert than before. Buffy and Dawn ran to meet her, Dawn practically pouncing onto the gurney to hug Faith. Buffy's greeting was more restrained; she simply squeezed Faith's uninjured hand once and smiled. A nurse quickly returned Faith to her room, while a doctor with "Michael Wilson M.

Don't get me wrong, it's great that you've all been watching over her while she was unconscious, but now she's awake I don't want her getting disturbed too often. No more twenty-four hour vigils, okay? Wilson smiled gently.

She's already making excellent progress. I'm going to go over her condition with her now, and then you can see her, but only fifteen minutes. She needs to rest today, so anything else will have to wait until tomorrow.

Wilson nodded once and disappeared into Faith's room. Buffy sat down again and hugged Dawn. Casey Calvert is a prominent adult performer, writer, and sexual educator. Her blog website can be found at www. US Edition U. Coronavirus News U.

HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes. Newsletters Coupons. Terms Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Photo by Albert L. Except she's not the only one. Post is more scary than Debut cause I'm definitely jumping off more cliffs this time".

So my musical heart was scattered at the time and I wanted the album to show that. Time Out wrote, "none of [it] would have worked without that final crane shot " depicted above. The music video for " Hyperballad " was directed by French filmmaker Michel Gondry. What's truly arresting, though, is just how vibrant, how astoundingly fresh, her work sounds today. Bert Reisfeld Hans Lang. London: Hamlyn. Rovi Corporation. Retrieved 9 September Archived from the original on 5 May Retrieved 28 March Retrieved 5 June Nielsen Business Media, Inc.

Retrieved 14 June Time Out. The Rough Guide to Cult Pop. Rough Guides. American Bar Association. Waddell Limited. Retrieved 18 March Bjork, 'Debut' Time Inc. Retrieved 3 March Retrieved 13 February Rolling Stone. Archived from the original on 26 February Retrieved 11 June Paper Communications. Archived from the original on 3 April Retrieved 8 January Giunti Editore.

Retrieved 13 July San Francisco Chronicle. Elektra Records. Archived from the original on 14 January Retrieved 29 March Retrieved 28 April The Guardian. Entertainment Weekly. Pretty Much Amazing. Retrieved 4 April The Independent. Retrieved 10 July Retrieved 7 June Retrieved 27 October Retrieved 29 September December Retrieved 12 July Retrieved 27 March The New York Times. Retrieved 25 April Lado B TV show.

Acclaimed Music. Archived from the original on 22 March Retrieved 20 May Wondering Sound. Archived from the original on 26 July Retrieved 22 June Emphasis on "reportedly," because she told GQ : "I never received a dime from the video.

It's just dirty money and [Salomon] should give it all to some charity for the sexually abused or something. To be honest, I don't even think about it any more.

A Kanye West sex tape allegedly exists out there somewhere, but has not been leaked thus far. ET confirmed that an intimate video of the rapper was being shopped around in The tape was described in depth while being shopped, and reportedly features an unknown woman stating that she is over the age of 18 at the beginning.

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian has implied that she and Kanye have made their own tape together, which sure, why not:. Jennifer Lopez allegedly made a private tape with her first husband Ojani Noa during their honeymoon. His attempt to release it has embroiled Lopez in a legal dispute that appears to be ongoing. Per The Daily Beast , Lopez and Noa's lawsuit over the tape spans years , and she initially claimed that its release would violate the confidentiality agreement he signed after their split.

Apparently, J. On a lighter note, Andy Cohen asked Lopez about whether or not she'd ever filmed a tape, and her face is priceless.

Like so many of the women on this list, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Carolyn Murphy had a sex tape she made with her ex-husband Jake Schroeder leak online sans consent.

The tape was made in , and Schroeder was accused of trying to sell it. He was reportedly arrested on extortion charges as a result—and get this: His bail was paid by Internet Commerce Group, the company working with him to market the sex tape.

Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding made a sex tape on her wedding night with her ex-husband Jeff Gillooly, and— according to him —the pair made the decision to sell the tape together to Penthouse. News of Chelsea Handler's sex tape being shopped around made headlines in , but she confirmed that the tape itself was filmed as a joke, and is actually cut with footage of her stand-up. Number two, it was made as a joke.

The tape was never released, and Chelsea brushed it off, saying "It was not a big deal to anyone, I don't think. I mean, people were talking about it, but if they had shown it, people would see it was a joke, so I think that's why nobody actually saw it. Rapper and The Talk co-host! Eve filmed a sex tape with her then-boyfriend Stevie J, which hit the internet in I made a tape and gave it to her and she took it on the road, on tour with her, and the rest was history.

I gave it to her and one of her girlfriends leaked it, thank you very much. Meanwhile, Eve shut down rumors that the sex tape was leaked on purpose ugh, what is up with this trend of accusing women of leaking their own sex tapes? And it hurt my heart that anyone who was in my circle—whether it be [Stevie] or anybody else—it hurt my heart that that went out there.

Pamela Anderson and then-husband Tommy Lee's sex tape from their honeymoon ended up finding its way online after being stolen from their home by an electrician. Pamela sued the distribution company, but ended up settling, and the tape continued to be available online as a result. That pissed me off! Puerto Rico release. Two Bands and a Legend. Three Amigos. Sears Recording Service acetate.

Johnny Thunders In Cold Blood [a]. Johnny Thunders and the Golden Horde. Vision Records VR [a]. Three different mixes. Also see Tyme Code. Recorded as "Deja Vu" [5]. Also see Phil Lesh. Toots and the Maytals Jamaica release. See entry for The Three Amigos. Devin Townsend. Pete Townshend with The Clash. Recorded as "Lui Lui Non Ha" [24]. AKA The Straniero. Bird Call! Recorded as "Farmer Louie" [94].

With Eddie Angel and Johnny Rabb. Treble Spankers. Red Hot Navigator [a]. Trial Lawyers College. Recorded as "Summertime Louie Louie". From Nowhere [a]. Rerecorded version. Truckin' Drivers [j]. Maureen Tucker. Playin' Possum [a]. Re-recorded version with extra verse. Ike and Tina Turner. AKA Time Code. Next Plateau NP [o]. Samples Kingsmen version. Recorded as "Wild Louie". Bulgaria release. University of Connecticut Steel Drums.

University of Idaho Vandal Marching Band. University of Kansas Marching Band. University of Wisconsin Marching Band. University of Washington Husky Marching Band.

Peru release. Steven Van Zandt. With the Sonics. Recorded as "Louis Lewis Party Remix". Ventures Austria release. AKA the Lancers. Georgia release.

Recorded as "Louie Louie un Rapace dos Castros ". Uncredited musician. The Wailers and Co. Let It All Hang Out! Volume One [a]. Bob Walkenhorst. Don Walker. Lucky 13 Hit Parade [a]. Recorded as "Gonznoi Polka". American group, Belgium release.

Washington State Cougar Marching Band. Recorded as "Wild Thing Louie Louie". Max Weinberg with The Weeklings.

Volume 1 [a].

More familiar: the sex scene in Crank, where he bends his girl over in public in order to get his heart rate up to combat the poison in his system, is insanely stupid. Not just the premise, but the act itself seems to be from the imagination of a 10 year old boy who just found out the mechanics of sex and thinks this must be what the act itself.

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  3. Aug 08,  · The scheme, which was designed to kickstart the struggling hospitality sector, has hit the headlines for a number of reasons - both good and bad - since it started earlier this month.
  4. Aug 09,  · CHYNA is another wrestling star caught with a sex tape — but it was just part of Joanie Laurer’s new career after posing for Playboy. She shot her own amateur footage with fellow wrestler Sean Waltman in , and the couple made a lucrative deal to release the video as “1 Night in China.” From there, Chyna worked steadily in the adult industry, and was starring as the She-Hulk in.
  5. Oct 09,  · I n mid-September, the owner of the San Diego-based adult video production company, Girls Do Porn, fled the didsfecbiwhilrare.ununitlartabesympphrathlospebotu.co Zealand native Michael .
  6. Stupid Girls. Er_CeV Subscribe Unsubscribe 6. 2 Share. Share Video. Tweet Share on Facebook. HTML-code: Copy. Add. Add to. Watch Later; Add to New Playlist More. Report this video as: You have already reported this video. Thank you! We appreciate your help.
  7. Feb 08,  · A YouTuber who promised viewers a sex tape if she hit one million subscribers has hit back after being accused of a publicity stunt. In the original clip, which has .
  8. Aug 13,  · In , KISS legend Gene Simmons was the star of a celebrity sex tape that made the rounds on the internet. The video featured the musician and an .
  9. Jun 21,  · Porn stars are stupid, airheaded, and irresponsible. Porn stars are desperate, selling their bodies only because they need to support their scumbag boyfriend, or kid, or drug habit, and fucking on camera pays more than a job at McDonald's. I conducted a very informal Twitter survey asking for names of girls who are either still in college.

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