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The void book expressly deals with "That which cannot be seen". It seems very esoteric in nature because he emphasizes that you must learn to perceive that which you cannot understand or comprehend. He notes that in this Void, what can be comprehended are things which we do and see, such as the way of the warrior, martial arts, and Ni Ten Ichi Ryu. At the same time, in the Void, things we do not do or see which he calls Spirit are part of the information which we perceive on a conscious level, but with which we have no physical relationship.

It is arguable whether Musashi is referring to religious spirituality or if he is actually explaining a way to live a life and to process thoughts. Wisdom has existence, principle has existence, the Way has existence, spirit is nothingness. In the above quote, Musashi speaks of "virtue and no evil". This may mean "goodness and banishment of evil" or "purpose and non-existence of good and evil", and the exact meaning is open to debate. Since Musashi is drawing upon classical Buddhist Five Element theory, Void in this case refers to Sunyata in Pali , sometimes translated as "Emptiness," or "ether.

Emptiness, and the establishing of the conditions that allow it to arise, is a common theme in Zen Buddhist meditation practice, which no doubt informed the perspective of the author. Your mind and body should be one with striking when you and your adversary are about to launch an attack. If this method is followed, your hand will attain movement through emptiness, with speed and power, without taking note of any point in which movement had begun. With this method, you will cause your adversary's sword to drop through a strike from your sword, then bring yourself immediately back to a readiness to strike.

This method is combined with 'The Strike of Nonthought', in which you will always strike with true force by swinging your sword toward the ground when your opponent's sword is about to drop. If you are currently within a situation in which you and your opponent's swords are to clash, you must strike extremely hard without raising your sword to any extent. If you are to perform this technique, you must first strike quickly with the three combined forces of your legs, your hands, and your body.

This blow will be rather difficult to perform if you do not train at it frequently. If you diligently train yourself, you will be able to increase the overall force of the technique's impact. When you first start off by striking, your opponent will try to parry by hitting or by blocking your sword. At this point in time, you need to completely equip yourself into the action of striking with your sword, and strike whenever you may see an opening, whether it may be the legs, arms, or head.

Following the single way of the sword and performing a strike such as this is known as the Chance-Opening Blow. This technique will be useful at a moment while fighting, so it should be trained for, regularly. With this method, you are to start off by assuming a posture in which you are not to use your hands.

You are to think of getting your body close to your opponent before striking him. However, if you think of reaching out both of your hands, your body will remain distant. This is why you must always think of quickly getting your body close to the enemy. When you are distant, you will exchange blows of the sword, and it will be rather easy to move closer to your opponent Thomas Cleary translates this technique as "Body of the Short-Armed Monkey".

With this technique, one's objective is to get close to the opponent and stick to him. When one is to do this, one must first behave as though one had been strongly glued to him with one's feet, head, and body.

It is generally known that during combat, most fighters will have a tendency to have their body hang back while their heads and feet are extended forward. One must attempt to paste one's body against the opponent's without leaving any area in which the bodies are not touching. The Book of Five Rings has been published in English multiple times. The Thomas Cleary translation is the most widely available and has been reprinted multiple times.

A translation by William Scott Wilson is aimed towards practitioners of Japanese classical swordsmanship. A translation by D. Tarver is marketed as a motivational book with a commercial bias. Additional published translators include Stephen F. Kaufman and Kenji Tokistu From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Martial Arts portal Japan portal War portal Books portal. De Lange, William Miyamoto Musashi: A Life in Arms.

Floating World Editions. The Real Musashi: The Bushu denraiki. The Real Musashi: The Bukoden. The Real Musashi: A Miscellany. Moore, JS Understanding Apples Press. Tokitsu, Kenji Second round, he slacks slightly, giving Jimin the illusion of getting better. Actually, he is getting better. Now Jungkook wants to lose. So, on the last round, he deliberately slacks off and gives his reactions more time as he eventually would be at a disadvantage. Jimin tucks his lip in concentration, feeling a small bead of sweat trail down his craned neck.

But his efforts seem to pay off, surprisingly. He haphazardly mashes the buttons on his controller, physically moving it to the motion of his character on the screen. He sets down his controller with a shy smile and looks up at Jungkook with puppy eyes.

Too good. Jungkook groans in his fake annoyance, throwing the controller to the side as he stands up, quickly wrapping his arms around Jimin only to pick him up and carry him to the bedroom. The photographer kicks the door closed behind them with his heel, approaching the large bed and gently placing the blonde down on the soft sheets.

Jungkook held him close and breathed heavily in his sleep, utterly dead to the world. Jimin touches his own cheeks to feel the heat radiate off them. It seems that now it only takes the smallest bit of effort from the younger to make him pliant and soft. Must be the sugar rush off the bananamilk , he thinks. Jimin wriggles out of his robe and crawls under the covers, warming his body within the plush designer material.

Jungkook manages to keep his face straight, for the most part. His lips twitches, not so subtly displeased with the sentence, ' He joins Jimin underneath the covers and presses his warm skin against the blonde's small back. Kook's hands reach between them, smoothing his palm across the fine, prominent line showcasing Jimin's spine He thinks that sometime he should get a proper photograph of this visual.

Jimin closes his eyes and enjoys the slow sensation of Jungkook rubbing him, from the wide expanse of his shoulder blades down to the small dip of his lower back. A small moan presses from his lips as the pressure builds around the tensed muscles of his deep tissue, then softens around his delicate spine. It's all the more reason to fall so quick and deep with the photographer. He can be rough and treat Jimin like he isn't a breakable model, then treat him like the most precious and fragile being on earth.

He's soft and sweet yet wholly motivated and demanding at times. Perhaps it's his sleepy state of mind, but Jimin instantly nods in agreement, committing to the plan. Even if Jungkook's musing wasn't directed at anyone in particular, he is interested in what exactly the younger has in mind. Jungkook feels his cock twitch at the small sound emitting from Jimin's plushy lips, and the way the elder gently presses against it surely doesn't do anything but spur his erection to awaken.

One would say he's insatiable, but truly he's never been this hungry for a person before. His calloused fingertips trace from Jimin's shoulder down to the dimples on his lower back. He presses his hardened cock against the blondes ass as a quiet sigh slips past his lips—the memory of being inside is still fresh on his mind. Seemingly, his cock remembers vividly as well.

Jimin rolls his hips again, deliberate and tight against Jungkook's hardening length. He melts into the younger's touch as he grips and holds tight to his hips.

Less and less, Jimin worries about the repercussions of his actions. If it feels right, he's doing it. The same philosophy goes for his clothing line, and it extends to each new step he takes with the photographer.

He reaches between his thighs and palms his aching length, so desperate and needy for more relief. You're mine, right? It's so late and all his body wants is to be impossibly close to the other man, by any means. He wraps his hand around his rock-hard cock and strokes languidly, muffling his pitchy moans into a nearby pillow.

Kook glances down at his clothed cock, aching and staining the fabrics with droplets of his precum. He uses his hands to spread Jimin, just enough to place his cock against the puffy hole, rubbing his entire length between the plump cheeks in a teasing manner.

His hips move lazily with no care to how needy his own sleepy, raspy groans must sound. I'm sure your little hole doesn't need any preparation this time, no? Jimin shakes his head; face buried deep in the soft pillow. He quickens his pace, stroking his throbbing cock as Jungkook lines himself up and prods his glistening tip at his entrance.

Without much coaxing, the younger slips inside, using the glide of his precum to ease in and out with shallow prods. Jimin's mouth falls open as he tries to compose his thoughts, but the words fall out into the open as filthy little confessions, telling the younger exactly how he'd like to be used.

The soreness from earlier has completely subsided. All he feels is an overwhelming desire to be connected to Jungkook at all times; to be insatiable, together.

I'll keep it warm— fuck Wanna feel you inside me while I sleep. Jungkook adores Jimin's filthy mouth. The more riled up the blonde gets, the filthier his language becomes; needy, begging and whiny… He doesn't say anything, but responds with actions. He grasps Jimin's leg and lifts it up slightly to grant himself access, slowly thrusting himself in deeper—jewelry on his swollen tip grazing the deepest parts with ease.

His other hand is used as a cushion for his head as he lays on his side, hand tugging at the back of Jimin's curls to bring his ear closer to his lips.

I can fall asleep like this, cock buried in you, using you like my own little cockwarmer. The fresh piercing glides against his velvet walls and teases his sensitive prostate; swollen and throbbing from overuse. Jimin pumps his dick occasionally but temporarily refrains from going too fast out of fear he might cum too soon. He was already so close when Jungkook entered him that he could cum just from the delicious stretch.

Gonna— ahh —" He loses his composure and shakily shoots his release into his small hand, smearing the fluid messily as he clenches, then lets go of everything. He would have wanted the elder to continue to stroke himself through the oversensitivity, but he'd been so good. Koo decides to just let Jimin relax and take what the younger one gives.

You sound so desperate for me His cock desperately throbs inside of Jimin, gushing with spurts of his thick, sticky cum claiming it's spot. He keeps his pulsating cock lodged inside to keep all the cum securely in place. It's the third time today and you're still so so needy Jimin pulsates around Jungkook's cock as it remains deep inside his abused hole. He feels calm and secure, connected together, used for the photographer's pleasure. He could slip off to sleep at any moment, but the sticky mess tacking his hand to his slick cock distracts him from fully surrendering to his heavy eyelids.

Jimin lifts his sticky hand from his twitching cock and looks over his shoulder at Jungkook. The man is already halfway asleep, but his eyes are open to slits, watching him patiently. Before it falls onto his wrist, he captures it on his tongue, flattening it on his skin for the younger to see. Jungkook's doe eyes widen at the sight, swirling with admiration. Jimin truly was perfect, everything he wants and needs.

Mojoaugogo nailed it. At a UPS store. Box So they make the larger cogs, the ones that are going to be under tremendous torque as you climb, out of aluminum.

And they make the small cogs, the ones that will be under very little torque as you pedal at speed, out of steel. Does that seem completely backwards to anyone else? No, it seems perfectly reasonable. On a 10 tooth cog the chain engages as most 5 teeth. On a 52 tooth cog the chain load is distributed over 26 or more teeth. When you see the Clydesdales with the big thighs charging ahead, they are not slowly drifting anywhere. They are putting large forces on the cranks and thus on the chain.

If the 10 tooth cog were aluminum, they would rip its teeth off the first time they used it. Plus the weight penalty of a dinner-plate-size 52 tooth cog would be considerable if it were steel. And it would provide little or no functional or durability advantage over aluminum. For the same number of crank revolutions, the 10 tooth cog sees 5.

So it makes sense to make the little cog of steel and the big cog of aluminum. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Sign in. Log into your account.

Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password. Fight…or die. But what was he doing? She stared in amazement as he set his gun aside, let his pack slide from his shoulders to the ground. Now was the time to run…now, before he could get to the gun again, but before she could make the choice, he stepped closer, his body blurring, his form shifting like softened clay under an unseen sculptor's hand.

The male leopard, coat gleaming in the sunlight, padded forward to greet the astonished female with a throaty purr. The headman heard the commotion that meant that the search party had returned, and when he stepped from the hut, he was greeted by the sight of the village's chief hunter waving the missing man's rifle in the air. The headman sighed; the rifle had been the only reason that any of the men of the village had been interested in the search.

That the white hunter was dead was virtually certain, and only the possibility of salvaging such a magnificent weapon had emboldened the men to venture into the jungle where such a canny predator lurked. As the group reached his hut, the headman saw that another of the men carried the pack, staggering beneath the weight but stubbornly refusing assistance. Men who had seen the kill of a maneater would not be so jaunty.

The chief hunter shook his head. They left not even a drop of blood behind. That I strongly doubt, the headman thought, but because he was wise, he kept his thoughts to himself as the hunter turned to display his trophy to the rest of the village. She woke in the darkness of the cave and lay still, savoring the unfamiliar and glorious sensation of his lean, muscled body pressed against hers, his arm curled protectively around her waist, and the soft, steady rhythm of his breath against her neck.

Tomorrow, they would leave this place together and go deep into the jungle, far from any human habitation, but for now, she was content to snuggle back against her mate, feeling his arm tighten possessively, drawing her even more closely to him, even in sleep.

A shadow in the bright bazaar; a glimpse of eyes where none should shine, A glimpse of eyes translucent gold, and slitted against the sun. This the clue and this the sign that sets him on his quarry's line, But she has seen him in a dream, and now she's on the run. Faster than a thought she flees, and seeks the jungle's sheltering trees, But he is steady on the track, and half a breath behind.

She tastes his scent upon the breeze, and, looking past her shoulder, sees He treads upon her shadow. She fears the hunter's mind. So now she summons all her wit, and every trick she knows to hide, To make him lose the twisting track, to throw him off her traiil In woman form, in leopard hide, fording, leaping side to side, She doubles back along her track - and sees her efforts fail.

He stands before her, dark and grim. Her terror now she can't suppress. He blocks the only pathway out, and will not let her by. Her gold flanks heaving in distress, half woman and half leopardess - To either side, nowhere to hide; it's time to fight or die. But what is this? To her amaze, the man has thrown his gun away, And quietly, he draws near her now, a smile upon his face. Before she thinks to run or stay, his body blurs like softened clay Before her eyes, to her surprise - a leopard in his place.

The hunter they have sought in vain, and now the talk of the bazaar Is of the canny leopard pair, a sight none will forget Who once has seen them near or far, in sunlight or where shadows are, As side by side they hunt and hide.

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  1. Rhythm of Defeat by End The Sun, released 26 July 1. Rhythm of Defeat 2. Sun Gaze 3. Kilkreath, I'm Melting 4. Hollowed Recorded early Deeply inspired by .
  2. Cassette tape limited to 30 Includes unlimited streaming of WC Rhythm Of Defeat via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
  3. Type: Full-length Release date: July 26th, Catalog ID: N/A Version desc.: Limited edition Label: Independent Format: CD Limitation: copies Reviews.
  4. End the Sun discography (main) Rhythm of Defeat () End the Sun discography (all) Rhythm of Defeat () The Emancipation of Distance End the Sun. Type: Full-length Release date: May 9th, Sun Gaze II (Altar on Fire) Show lyrics (loading lyrics) Band members.
  5. Cassette only label aimed at underground black metal, death metal, noise and other extreme forms of art. Contact Info: [email protected]otu.co Sites: Bandcamp, didsfecbiwhilrare.ununitlartabesympphrathlospebotu.co [l] Label End the Sun: Rhythm of Defeat.
  6. The Emancipation of Distance by End The Sun, released 1. The Emancipation of Distance 2. What Passes for a Church 3. Feedback of Flames 4. Waking Opposites 5. Terraformed and Devoured 6. Fur in the Dirt 7. Sun Gaze II (Altar on Fire) Written, recorded, and "mastered" at Rhythm of Defeat studios during the epic start to
  7. Cassette only label aimed at underground black metal, death metal, noise and other extreme forms of art. FUCK OFF NAZIS + add. album; WC Rhythm Of Defeat End the Sun WC II Nosvyr WC A Carrying Of False Hope.
  8. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Cassette release of In The Light Of The Sun on Discogs. Label: Vital Gesture Records - VGR • Format: Cassette Album • Country: US • Genre: Rock, Funk / Soul • Style: Rock & Roll, Rhythm & Blues, Soul.

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