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The band wrote an album over the course of a year. The lyrical content of Down III: Over the Under covers subjects such as the breakup of Pantera, the murder of ex-Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell , the band's anger at the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and Anselmo's recovery from back surgery and drug addiction.

To further support their album, Down headlined a tour starting at the end of September On July 24, , frontman Phil Anselmo mentioned in a post on the band's Myspace blog that Down had been "fucking around with some new material" and had "enough material already recorded"—at least six new songs in addition to those that did not make the final cut on Over the Under.

Asked in November what the current status of the new album was, bassist Rex Brown told Billboard. We still have all these ideas, and we play a lot of new stuff at sound check, just to feel it out. Hopefully, we can get back in the studio in the fall and work on something. On February 3, , Down was announced on -and later removed from- the lineup for the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Manchester, Tennessee, a large annual outdoor music festival since On March 30, , Down posted a statement on their message board indicating that they will be back in the studio from October through November writing and recording what will eventually become Down IV.

In the summer of , Down began a US tour without Rex on bass, who had developed acute pancreatitis. On January 27, , it was announced that Brown had nearly fully recuperated from his fight with pancreatitis. With a release date yet to be announced, the new album will be the band's fourth studio offering.

Revolver Magazine. Categories :. Cancel Save. Heavy metal , sludge metal. Phil Anselmo , Pepper Keenan. Rehab - changes up the pace a little bit, it's more mellow than the last 3 songs. Phil adopts a really bluesy singing style for the verses and I have to say he sounds really good. Lots of tight guitarwork woven throughout the song. Hail the Leaf - this is certainly one of the best songs on the album. Like Rehab it's a bit more mellow, it just screams Black Sabbath as others have mentioned.

Soft verses and crunchy, screaming choruses. There's a really cool breakdown at the very end of the song also as well as a bong solo Stone the Crow - is just an amazing song, wow.

It's alot more rock oriented than the others, but that doesn't mean it kicks any less ass. Some really tight playing in this song from all members, razor sharp. The chorus is infectious, and the layered solo in the middle is simple yet incredibly awesome. Best song on the album for sure. Swan Song - has always been a favorite of mine, it was the first song off the album I really heard when a friend of mine made me a mixed casette tape some 10 years ago.

I love the way the verses are structured, nice catchy chorus as well. Great song, but dammit it should have been the last song on the album. I mean come on, Swan Song The other songs range from decent to good, some of them sound too much alike as other reviewers have mentioned but there's certainly no filler on the album. I don't know what they're growing down in New Orleans actually, they say quite bluntly , but it's sure helped Down create something that is quite impressive and addictive.

This is grooving sludge metal that doesn't get boring. That's right, it actually has a life of more than three listens. Nola borrows from quite a few different sources, there's a clear Pantera influence in the grooves, although there is a large southern touch thrown in too.

And Down even add a bit of Sabbath to the mix, mainly giving the album a little bit of a grim feel, but it's not doom metal either. There's no cross-over coming through from a CoC influence, I can't really say if Crowbar have any effect on the sound, because I've never heard them.

For the main part, the album consists of heavy groove riffs, with a serious southern lean on them. It's all very simple and straightforward. There's only a few songs where a change occurs, and as a result, the guitars get old.

But somehow, the songs don't. Often you'll find yourself thinking 'man, this riff is boring', while simultaneously headbanging to it. I feel this is due to Phil. Everyone knows that Phil has a major capability to blow, he can be generally painful; as seen in Superjoint, he can be excessively 'tuff'; seen in Pantera, and he can on occasion lose control and just scream randomly; seen in both. But on Nola, Mr. Anselmo has redeemed himself.

He could make another 10 Superjoint records, and I'd still respect him if only for this performance. His vocal patterns are interesting and catchy when needed, he just fits in so tightly with the music, taking an average riff with only a few notes, and making it memorable and exciting.

His vocals are a mix scream and singing, with the singing being more like a mid point between regular singing, seen in "Jail", and his screams, resulting in a very gritty sound, which isn't too weak or aggressive for the goals of the album. And finally his lyrics are good, sometimes a little hung up on drugs, but generally are quality and don't feel as forced as Pantera's.

In short, his performance is exceptional. It just fits in with the music, and helps the songs develop into the addictive beasts they are.

However, even with these positives, the album does feel a little lacking. It's not quite as depressive as I would have hoped, and many songs have very little to offer, merely being inferior copies of "Temptations Wings".

Nola just has too many straightforward sections, and really just needs something to stand out on a level other than sheer catchiness. Down's debut is a strong album, with a distinct identity and high quality song writing. While I don't think it's as essential as it's cracked up to be, it's still a welcome addition to my collection, and it should be for yours.

First, one can piss oneself with anticipation at the thought of so many talented musicians coming together to make a brilliant piece of music; or one can take a pessimistic standpoint, and surmise that various ego issues, or simple incompatibility between members will result in a half-baked product if anything at all. Well, I was definitely followed the former path on this one, and I had barely mopped the urine off my leg when I set out to purchase this album.

Well, perhaps not totally wrong. NOLA is not what I would call a bad album, but it does suffer from a perpetual sense of sameness. Keenan plays the leads with his trademark flare, simply but soulfully and Windstein backs him up nicely. Starts with a nice slide, then launches into another nice, groovy riff, and again, some great lyrical delivery from Phil.

All in all, a good song. The next few songs kind of blend together. It starts with a placid bass line, with some nice, casual soloing overtop. Then the rhythm comes in and it gets progressively heavier, until…. This song, sandwiched in what is essentially the middle of this album is like a breath of fresh air after the stifling tedium that preceded it.

Phil keeps up his good performance on this one. An obvious highlight. And so we set about the last half of the album. Quiet nice and relaxing, really, although it is perhaps a bit overlong. Lots of overlap on the guitars to create a nice quiet verse, before beefing up for the chorus.

Excellent solos courtesy of Keenan and Windstein. Forget the two tracks before it, neither are very memorable. This one is another standout, with a distinctive, doomy riff and a nice chorus.

It clocks in as the albums longest track, and, well, I might have preferred it a little shorter, as the last two minutes are taken up by nothing more than repetitive riffing.

So there you have it. This is NOLA, an album with potential oozing out the yin-yang, but unfortunately, not much is made of it. To be honest, most of the songs sound like the results of a polished jam session, they have a decent base, but ultimately go nowhere. I must say this album surprised me. The band ultimately needs to focus more on establishing something unique about the songs, something that differentiates them from each other; otherwise they simply become a mire of simplistic, distorted riffs.

This album reeks of booze, dirt, frustration, and a certain leafy green substance. Aside from one of Phil Anselmo's best vocal performances ever, NOLA contains true-to-the-heart songwriting, anger and despair to boot, and enough sludge to make Corrosion of Conformity seem like Coroner.

Matter of fact we had a meeting this past week, and I know Jimmy's gotta go do an Eyehategod tour in February. But after that, I think we're looking to do some shows starting in March. Maybe local around here, maybe even some Mardi Gras gigs. But yeah, last week we sat around and they played me some new stuff they're working on, and it sounds good.

Sounds like it's got a lot of promise, and really they just need me in the fuckin' practice room. So all this is going to happen this year. It has to happen. I know there's a responsibility here. Down has a fanbase and they are very very very loyal. So I don't want to let those people down. They deserve some new music, we have it. We've demoed other songs, there's songs that haven't even been released that people have never heard, so there's always Down there.

For all you people out there, don't you stress. We got the Down coming. On May 11, , Down announced on their Facebook page that they "demoed a brand new tune. Rex did not tour with Down during their spring shows. Crowbar bassist Pat Bruders filled in for Rex during those shows. The band began recording the album in the summer of at the Ultrasonic Studios, New Orleans , Louisiana, and completed the recording sessions by January Although a sludge metal album, NOLA contains traces of hardcore punk , southern rock , stoner rock , and grunge.

NOLA was released in September and would peak at number 57 in October on the Billboard , and remain on the chart for six weeks. However, only " Stone the Crow " would achieve commercial success when it reached number 40 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks charts, becoming Down's first and only top 40 song.

The album received positive reviews from critics with Allmusic reviewer David Reamer giving the album a near perfect 4. He praised the songs "Temptation's Wings", "Stone the Crow", and "Bury Me in Smoke" stating "this is a landmark album that combines the talents of dedicated rock musicians, and should be included in any collection of heavy metal music.

Down supported NOLA with a date concert tour. They would reunite in to make a second album, Down II , released in Strange still contributed to some songwriting, and also played live. Album — Billboard North America. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Repress sounds louder. Of course i prefer the original one, but this one stays a very good reissue.

Have: Want: Avg Rating: 4. My Metal collection by zappatton2.

Temptation's Wings. Nola, 4m 24sec Down Woe to me, battered man Raise the monolith Deitize my spirit rise Like days the world forgets - down the Drain - laid to lame A fool-ass hearty bliss Borderline suicide, Celebrate before my death Your promised land divide, That's why the world lies. I give up.

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  1. Its the kinda album that you push play and let it go! For me, overall, is still DOWN most accomplished work. Here you can find Phil vocals at the top of his form with Pepper and Kirk delivering the rest of the goods! Favorite tunes: Stone the Crow Temptations wings Lifer Pillars of Eternity Eyes of the South Jail Swan Song Rehab/5().
  2. Apr 04,  · Differences to Down (3) - NOLA: Catalog No. on silver Hype Sticker on shrinkwrap is R1 - Catalog No. on Lyrics & Credits Sheet in the lower right corner of the Group Photo is R1 Pressed on g black vinyl. Double LP housed in a single sleeve and plain poly-lined inner sleeves. Issued with a 2-sided lyrics/credits/images insert/5().
  3. Listen to Temptation's Wings by Down. Join Napster and play your favorite music offline.
  4. Apr 24,  · Differences to Down (3) - NOLA: Catalog no. on silver hype sticker on shrinkwrap is - Catalog no. on lyrics & credits sheet in the lower right corner of the group photo is Pressed on g black vinyl. Double LP housed in a single sleeve and plain poly-lined inner sleeves. Issued with a 2-sided lyrics/credits/images /5().
  5. Temptations Wings Back to album NOLA by Down. Preview: 30 sec only Quality: kbps Size: Mb Length: Download Track: Temptations Wings I can't shake temptations wings I can't shake temptations wings I bury my head with frustration And I look at others and wonder why (?).
  6. Temptation's Wings Lyrics: I feel the pressure, it lightens / To judge this spirit of mine / To be like the judgment / To be the king that is left behind / To hell with I miss you / I said I'd do.
  7. The album received positive reviews from critics with Allmusic reviewer David Reamer giving the album a near perfect out of 5 stars. He praised the songs "Temptation's Wings", "Stone the Crow", and "Bury Me in Smoke" stating "this is a landmark album that combines the talents of dedicated rock musicians, and should be included in any collection of heavy metal music.".
  8. Down released its debut album, NOLA, on September 19, , debuting at number 55 on the Billboard AllMusic reviewer David Reamer gave the album a nearly perfect out of 5 stars, praising the songs "Temptations Wings", "Stone the Crow", and "Bury Me in Smoke". Reamer stated that "this is a landmark album that combines the talents of.
  9. Here's my take on my favorite tracks from the album: Temptations Wings - starts the album off with a bang, some great riffing and an intense vocal delivery. This song just sounds like they were jamming and threw it together and it just fucking worked out. Rehab - changes up the pace a little bit, it's more mellow than the last 3 songs.

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