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Recorded in Dakar, Senegal. Jazz improvisations of african rhythms. Ernest Ranglin on one hand is adding his complex jazz guitar and on the other hand is keeping the sound very harmonic even hypnotic. This album was recorded — amazingly — in the fifty-first year of the musical career of Ernest Ranglin! Still active.

Track Armageddon Time First released Tracks recorded , tracks recorded , track 14 recorded These are songs meant against homosexual men and women. I listened the tracks again and his suggestion is to kill those with a bullet shot in head. I say, this is not music, but open call for murder. I trashed these records. I am not wanting to support such. I just kept the note about this artist to share this info with you. It is up to you to recognize such vibes and do what you think is right.

He was one of the first of such people to convert to rasta. He died September 24th I have these tracks on CDR. Their only album release. Motherboard x- makeshift einsteins peephole 2. Noah23 - Pirate Utopias 77 Lost Scrolls [1].

Plague Language Compilation. Edword Sizzamouf - Sound Medz Inoe Oner - Obese God. Orko Eloheim - Forbidden Physics. West Kraven. Morti Viventear - Effexor Cocktail - kbps -.

Pistol Opera. Seattle -p. Seattle -Quiz 10 -Tahkid - Werd Slingers. Seattle -Quiz10 - Alligator Turtle E. Seattle -gun of the sun - go home. Seattle - 12 Bit Murder - Fuck Everyone. Seattle - p. Seattle - Time Vs Space Vol 2. Seattle - v1rusvolkswagon. Seattle Bit Murder - Stab you in your Ipod.

Seattle -lister higgins - objects etc. Seattle -quiz10 alligatorturtle. Seattle -quiz10 fist hit air. Seattle -quiz10 lampin. Seattle -V1rus - Till it goes click Seattle -Youth Feeders Compilation. Epic - Scarf Face V0. Mistake, Rewind, Repeat. Cape Town Beats Disc 1. Das Racist - Shut up- Dude. Das Racist - Sit Down- Man. Konfab - The Lost Tapes. Sikadelik - The Tape of the Dark Arts Tumi ''Whole Worlds''.

Tumi and the Volume. Ab-Soul - Control System - Antwon - Fantasy Beds. Antwon - In Dark Denim Antwon - My Westside Horizon.

Antwon - River Of Slime. Deluxe - Beautiful Eulogy - Satellite Kite. Brenk - Gumbo II. Domo Genesis No Idols. Domo Genesis Under The Influence. Flatbush Zombies -Drugs. Gavlyn - From the Art Haleek Maul - Chrome Lips.

Haleek Maul Oxyconteen. Hopie Spitshard -Dulce Vita-. Lil B - 1 Bitch. Lil B - Dior Paint. Lil B - Im Thraxx. Lil B - Rain In England. Lil B - Roses Exodus. Lil B - Six Kiss. Lowercase th Dimension. Lowercase Alienated. Lowercase homegrwn the shroomer. Lowercase Japan On My Mind. Lowercase LowaVader. Lowercase Ms. Opening Surround Sound Huntsville Surround Sound I Got Stripes Surround Sound Sun Records Surround Sound Folsom: The Prison Surround Sound Inside The Walls Surround Sound Greystone Chapel Surround Sound Big River Surround Sound Cocaine Blues Surround Sound Jackson Surround Sound The Wall Surround Sound Car Jacking Surround Sound Sherley Leaves Jail Surround Sound A Son's Death Surround Sound Conclusion Surround Sound.

Reissue of the classic Celtic Frost EP, out of print for over thirty years. This is its first official release on picture disc in North America. Side 1: 1. The Usurper 2. Jewel Throne Side 2: 1. Return To Eve Studio Jam. For the album, the Oklahoma four-piece enlisted the help of The Flaming Lips' Steven Drozd along with the help of a number of violinists and orchestra members, successfully making the album their most commercially successful.

The Chainsaw Kittens toured with the album for over three years, selling out stadiums and theaters with bands like the Smashing Pumpkins, who often cite the Kittens as an early influence, along with Kurt Cobain of Nirvana. Of the album, AllMusic says "the overall feeling of the album is more melancholy and thoughtful than any previous one, capturing the sense of sadness and desperation For this first ever official release of the album on vinyl, a wealth of archival material has been drudged up, including never before seen live photos and art which will be included in an inner booklet.

The album cover will be a full-color gatefold with newly created artwork by award winning Flaming Lips designer George Salisbury. This is a great collectible for any marijuana enthusiast. Worldwide run of In , Eric Church attempted an epic feat: recording 30 songs per night, over a date tour, for a total of more than hours of live music.

This is a selection of the very best cover songs from those shows. The tour ran from January through May Released during a four year hiatus for the seminal Los Angeles punk band, gig features live highlights from the group's tenure on the Combat label during the latter half of the s.

Gig is now available on vinyl for the first time in the United States, and features newly restored album packaging. The first US vinyl release of the original score composed and performed by Eric Clapton, including the original version of "Tears in Heaven". Thirty six of Eric Clapton's greatest songs, spanning the years to , in one four disc vinyl collection. These recordings included backup by famous L.

The g vinyl records were pressed at Hand Drawn Pressings in Texas on the newly designed and manufactured 'WarmTone' automated presses. Packaged in a limited edition numbered silver foil jacket. Back Street Mirror 2. Don't Let It Fall Through 3. She Told Me 2. If I Hang Around 3. That's What You Want. A 12" picture disc packaged with a 24 page Justice League Comic Book and exclusive folded 24x26" Justice League poster.

This album captures Coleman during a transitional period that showcases his experimentation with contemporary classical forms. The recordings have been released in various forms over the years, though the last US vinyl pressing is now over 40 years old. Presented as the second in a two part series, this reissue shines a new light on the fantastic recording from a world-renowned jazz great.

Pressed on gram color vinyl at Pallas in Germany, this limited edition release features new artwork and is exclusive to Record Store Day Celebrate the 25th anniversary of one of the best hip-hop albums of the '90s with this newly compiled stash of rare remixes from Cypress Hill's breakthrough sophomore album Black Sunday. Man's Worst Enemy Theme 2. Rottsyler Theme 4. The songs of Charlie Daniels' lifetime, on white and smoke gray vinyl with vintage photos and handwritten lyrics.

Keep On The Sunny Side 2. Jaguar 3. Uneasy Rider 5. In America 9. The Legend Of Wooley Swamp Drinkin' My Baby Goodbye Simple Man Long Haired Country Boy Still In Saigon. Performed by the baddest band in the land, The Dap-Kings, this album features two instrumentals of tunes previously unavailable until now. All copies will be pressed on transparent muted blue vinyl.

DJs take note because once these puppies are gone This will be the only limited edition physical release of the album. Never-before-released demos, instrumentals and an unreleaed B-side. Is It Boy 2. Baby You're Out 3. Dreams From Yesterday 4. No Sunny Days 5.

One Another 6. Trouble Believing Side B Instrumentals 8. One More Love Song 9. Jimsy For the First Time Frog Hollow Sheeta Umaro Lady Eboshi Master Yupa".

The seven-piece afro-rock band Demon Fuzz released their debut album Afreaka! In It became an instant hit and an popular source for sampling.

Demon fuzz formed in in England and developed from a band started in the soul to a supergroup which implemented funk, jazz, rock and African music in their songs. Highly sought-after 7inch of this cult band, high in demand. Punk legends The Descendents, known for such classic albums as Milo Goes To College and Everything Sucks, are releasing the vinyl version of their new single "Who We Are" as a three song 7" with two previously unreleased tracks.

The Chicago band's album of B-sides, titled The Lost Children because the band looked on them as children and "couldn't pick a favorite".

Released for the first time on vinyl in this Record Store Day double vinyl set. This is a six track vinyl EP to get you moving. SIDE A 1. Enter The Arena feat.

Walshy Fire 2. Hot Gal 3. Dash It In The Mirror feat. Sanjay 4. Why I Come 5. Music Of The Time 2. Phantom In The Dancehall 3. Showtime Dynamite Selection 4.

Jah Dub. The historic shows were originally recorded in March, in San Francisco. The audio is newly mastered by Bruce Botnick, the historic engineer for The Doors, from recently unearthed, first generation masters.

Worldwide run of 13, Instrumentals for all tracks from the new record. Alternate gatefold artwork on g black vinyl on 2LPs, printed inner sleeves Disc 1 Side 1. Octagon Octagon, 2. Polka Dots, 3. Black Hole Son Side B 1.

Operation Zero, 3. Area 54, 2. Flying Waterbed, 3. Karma Sutra, 2. Hollywood Tailswinging, 3. Aviator Hype CD 1. Black Hole Son, 4. Operation Zero, 6. Bear Witness IV, 7. Area 54, 8. Flying Waterbed, 9. Karma Sutra, Hollywood Tailswinging, Aviator Hype. Whilst sightseeing in Paris, , the Doctor and Romana notice a series of unexplained temporal disturbances.

When a visit to the Louvre lands them in hot water, they realise that a certain Count Scarlioni knows more about advanced technology than a 20th-century Parisian should.

With British detective Duggan in tow, the time travellers become embroiled in an audacious plot to steal the Mona Lisa and sell it on the open market.

Lalla Ward narrates this classic TV soundtrack. Containing 2 hours of audio over 2 LPs. Ascribed a legendary status by the fans, the serial was believed lost for many years until a full print of the series was recovered from Hong Kong in Commissioned as Doctor Who and the Cybermen Planet, this was the third encounter between the Doctor and his half-human, half-machine foes.

Packaged in a gatefold jacket. Includes poster. Vinny 2. Kids Raising a Kid 3. Old New York 4. For What its Worth 5. Ignore It 6. Mom 7. Family Man 8. Destructive Father 9. Heart Attack Writing the Future Friends Genuine Justice To the Day I Die. Pressed on double color vinyl. Back on vinyl for the first time in 30 years. Remastered by Dan Emery at Black Matter Mastering and adorned with multiple vinyl etchings on both sides of the clear vinyl.

Rounded out with brand new artwork to breathe new life into this punk classic. Not reissued on any format since original release until this multi-etched clear colored vinyl 12" for Record Store Day. This exclusive to indie double LP contains 20 live songs and covers a ton of ground through Earle's long career. Guitar Town 3. Hillbilly Highway 4. My Olf Friend The Blues 5. Someday 6. Little Emperor 4. Aquainted With The Wind 5. Looking For A Woman 3. Goobye Michaelangelo 4.

Amanda Side 4 - 1. Fixin To Die 2. Hey Joe 3. Johhny Come Lately 4. Wild Thing. Kingston, Jamaica native Eek-A-Mouse is a well known regae artist and ganja enthusiast. Greensleeves is re-releasing a green vinyl picture sleeve version of one of his biggest hits, "Ganja Smuggling", printed on hemp paper. This is a classic ganja anthem backed with super rare dub performed by Roots Radics.

So Many Roads Desolation Row Deal 2nd Set: Box of Rain Victim or the Crime Sugar Magnolia Encore: Bass by Robert Shakespeare and George Fullwood. Drums by Sly Dunbar and Carlton Davis. Lead guitar by Earl Smith. Rhythm section by Mickey Chung.

Piano by Ansel Collin. Mung Beans and Rice d1t Motherbug Theme set 2 d2t Folding Green d2t Leo's Cat d2t Intro Watch The Mountains Grow Angel Race Buster rides again?

Idolize Improv Outro Set 2 Joe Henderson Monk Coffee Source: On Stage. Set I: 1. Jake S. The Song Remains The Same 3. Ramble On 4. Four Sticks 8. Moby Dick 2. Over the Hills and Far Away 3. Heartbreaker 5. All of My Love 6. Joe Russo Presents Hooteroll? Pleasure Drones Sun. Do It Now Source: Audience. Blues Jam d1t Wild Horses [Rolling Stones] d1t

- Late Show 10pm - disc one [51m47s] 1. (tuning) 2. Walkin' All Night 3. Skin It Back > 4. Fat Man In The Bathtub 5. Red Streamliner 6. Oh Atlanta 7. Day At The Dog Races 8. All That You Dream 9. A Apolitical Blues disc two [59m16s] 1. Time Loves A Hero > 2. Day Or Night 3. Rock And Roll Doctor 4. Dixie Chicken > 5. Tripe Face Boogie 6. (crowd.

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  1. Tomoyuki Noda, better known as NO+CHIN, is a well known MC, vocalist and DJ in the hardcore and doujin scene, oftenly collaborating with L.E.D., GUHROOVY, DJ TECHNORCH, DJ Shimamura, kors k, M-Project, among many others.
  2. NO+CHIN: Kimme Jah Night ‎ (CDr, Mixed, Promo) Guhroovy: none: Japan: Sell This Version: none: DJ Chucky + MC Konny: DJ Chucky + MC Konny - Saikou 大Kaigi Livemix.
  3. Johnny Vidacovich Trio (with George Porter, Jr. & Nicholas Payton) December 1, New Orleans, LA @ Maple Leaf Neuman KM>Tascam DAP1 from stage >? > CDR > EAC > FLAC Disc One: Set One: 1. Improv > Careful Who You Idolize > Improv > 2. Playing On The Drums > drums > Improv > bass solo > 3. Improv > Careful Who You Idolize > 11 Missing: Kimme Jah Night.
  4. Albums similar to The Bells by Kornél Kovács. Discover new music on Album of The Year. Sitemap Sweetest Thing - Various - Best Of Music (Volume Three) (CD), È Finita Una Stagione - Le Orme - Le Orme Studio Collection (CD), Roadrunner - Dagowops - Wa-chet Auf, Wa-Chet Auf, (Cassette), Dont Give Up - Disciple (15) - Sacred Knights (Cassette, Album), RedS Boogie Woogie.
  5. JOHN THILL Goth Tales CDR: Untitled/Wiccan Girl/The Sky Weeps Blood/Untitled/Ring Of Razor Wire/Untitled/In My Dungen/Satan Is My Only Friend: FT STELLALUNA My Heart Is An Anchor CDR: Glow In The Dark/Washed Away/The Ghost Of Junction City/Albany Bulb/My Heart Is An Anchor/Parasite/Peephole: FT NICOLE KIDMAN Nicole Kidman K7.
  6. Rock; Locotes - Cypress Hill - III - Temples Of Boom (CD, Album) Gimme Da Gal [Dub Mix] (Simon Bassline Smith and Drumsound Remix) - Phantasy & Shodan & UK Apache* -Missing: Kimme Jah Night.
  7. Gut Bucket Blues - Louis Armstrong - Gold Collection (CD) Intoxication (DJ Analyzer Club Remix) - Totex (2) - Intoxication (File, MP3)Missing: Kimme Jah Night.
  8. ANTICON deep puddle dynamics - untitled ANTICON DELTA ANTICON dj mayonnaise - 55 stories_b ANTICON dj mayonnaise-b-sidesdc ANTICON dj mayonnaise-still_alivecms ANTICON dj signify elektro4 [] ANTICON dj signify francissleep no more.

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