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From the plethora of Horror films from the Amicus and Hammer studios in the late 's and early 70s, this is one that stands out above many of the others.

The opening sequence with the camera moving through the mist graveyard is a masterful piece of horror film. Each of the stories is built up very well with an excellent element of tension in each. If you want to see a great example of the British horror film genre, this is the place to start. Amicus horror anthology film the last of seven starring Peter Cushing as the owner of an antique shop who sells items to different rotten people.

Each of the film's stories are tied to these people. The first story features David Warner and is about a mirror which houses a creepy man or spirit or whatever who forces Warner to do bad things. The second story is about a man who is seduced by the daughter of a street peddler. But it's just not that interesting despite its oddness. The third story features Ian Carmichael as a man who turns to a crazy old lady Margaret Leighton to get rid of an Elemental spirit tormenting him.

Leighton is the whole show here. Lots of fun to watch. My favorite story in the film. The final story is about a writer Ian Ogilvy who buys a door through which he can step into a room inhabited by a weirdo from the past.

This segment also features Lesley-Anne Down. The linking pieces with Cushing have another little story involving a shady man hanging around the shop. Overall, it's an entertaining movie. All the stories are enjoyable to varying degrees, although the second story is clearly the weakest. It's still watchable though. Cushing is pure class as always. Not the best of the Amicus anthologies but good. Amicus are famous for the anthology films, and that's hardly surprising since they made so many.

The majority of the anthologies they made are entertaining, and I don't think I've ever really seen a bad one; Asylum, The Vault of Horror and The House That Dripped Blood usually, and rightly, are the highest regarded among the films that Amicus made. From Beyond the Grave is one of the lesser known anthology films; but don't let that faze you, because this collection of four short horror tales is good fun, and while I cant say this is the best Amicus omnibus, it's definitely up there!

These films usually feature some sort of creepy wraparound story, and the one here focuses on an old antique store. Not very original, but the store is staffed by Peter Cushing complete with dodgy accent! Cushing antique shop owner doesn't like it when people try and rip him off, but plenty of his customers do; and they all come a cropper when they discover the terrible secret of the item they've just bought or robbed from his store!

These films don't usually put the best story first, and this one doesn't either. The first tale, titled "The Gate Crasher" stars David Warner and has a sort of Hellraiser feel about it, as he buys an old mirror from the antique store and it turns out to be inhabited by a ghost like thing that entices Warner into bringing it fresh blood.

It's not a bad story, though I feel that more could have been made of it. Story number two is the best and focuses on a man who steals a war medal from the antique store to impress a former army man and ends up getting more than he bargained for.

This tale is very strange and stars Donald Pleasance in one of his weirder roles. It's imaginative and inventive, and therefore interesting as it's impossible to tell where it's going. Story number three, "The Elemental" is a fun little story, though there isn't really a great deal of point to it. The fourth and final tale would appear to be the centrepiece and focuses on an old wooden door that gives way to an expansive blue room. This is a decent little story and we get to watch Lesley-Anne Down wielding an axe, which makes it worthwhile.

Overall, From Beyond the Grave is everything an anthology should be: it's fun and interesting in the right places. There's plenty of plot holes, but also no need to pay them any mind. From Beyond the Grave comes highly recommended to horror fans! AaronCapenBanner 25 November Kevin Connor directed this anthology film, the last in a series from Amicus studios.

Four stories adapted from author R. Chetwynd Hayes and starring Peter Cushing as an antique shop owner who sells items with supernatural curses to deserving customers: 'The Gate Crasher' - A mirror with an evil inhabitant drives a man to murder for sinister reasons. Superb film with a wonderfully atmospheric opening and score, a fine cast especially a most droll performance by Cushing and a strong set of stories, especially the first and last, which are quite memorable and effective.

A gem, and quite underrated. HumanoidOfFlesh 9 June It's not very scary or frightening,but it still manages to raise a few chills and a few thrills. Cushing's performance as a creepy shopkeeper is simply fantastic. All the stories are intelligent,well-written and seriously memorable stuff-my favourite is the first one with David Warner,who buys an antique mirror.

Anyway the mirror is haunted and demands blood,so Warner brings home a couple of women and proceeds to stab them to death! Eventually the spirit behind the mirror is released,and changes places with hapless Warner. To sum up,if you like British horror give this one a look. Scarecrow 23 May Four tales of terror revolving around an antique store owned by the grim-looking Peter Cushing where various characters secure objects without paying the correct price with possible doom awaiting them.

This evil spirit requires blood and, through hypnotic suggestion, forces Edward to bring female victims back to his place for slaughter so that he can become whole leaving the eternal prison that has held him for so long. Christopher Lowe Ian Bannen is an office manager stuck in a loveless marriage to Mabel Diana Dors where she constantly humiliates him in front of his son.

He passes by Jim Underwood Donald Pleasence , a street salesman peddler using his participation in the war as a means to increase his sales. Chris pretends to be some kind of would-be war hero by stealing an Infantry medal from Cushing's shop and is invited to dinner where he meets Jim's darling daughter Emily Angela Pleasence, Donald's actual daughter..

But, she works freelance and perhaps someone else would like to use her services.. Reggie Ian Carmichael switches price tags on these little cases so that he can pay smaller price for classier box of the two. On board a train he meets clairvoyant Madame Orloff Margaret Leighton, playing her eccentric psychic to the hilt and beyond who informs Reggie he has an "elemental" on his shoulder.. Not heeding to her warnings, Reggie returns home only to realize, after it tries to strangle his wife Susan Nyree Dawn Porter , that what Orloff said was true.

One of the tombstones has the word "Capers" on it. This is a reference to the game developers, Creative Capers Entertainment. This is the only level that takes place primarily outdoors. Contents [ show ]. Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow. Spoiler warning: Spoilers end here. Categories :. September 23, I tell her I want to take a walk in the graveyard, and she […]. Solve the mystery of your dreams with a radically simple and effective 3-step process of dream interpretation.

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As Dr. Connor pointed out he had never directed but Subotsky argued editors made the best directors. Connor says the movie's budget was "miniscule. In the early 70's the film business was in the doldrums and we could get a superb cast for almost minimum Equity. Allmovie 's review of the film was generally favourable, writing "The last of the Amicus anthologies is a fun, old-fashioned example of the form.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. From Beyond the Grave Belgian theatrical release poster. Release date. Running time. Horror Channel. Retrieved 6 July Films by Amicus Productions.

It's Trad, Dad! Terror's House of Horrors Dr. Films directed by Kevin Connor. Categories : English-language films horror films British horror anthology films British supernatural horror films British ghost films British films Films about spirit possession Films directed by Kevin Connor Films scored by Douglas Gamley Amicus Productions films films.

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The House Beyond The Graveyard by Nox Arcana, from the album Gothic. Music, words and narration by Joseph Vargo. Buy CDs: didsfecbiwhilrare.ununitlartabesympphrathlospebotu.co Download Nox A.

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  1. - From The Graveyard / 8 Nightmares From Beyond The Grave (Double-CD) - didsfecbiwhilrare.ununitlartabesympphrathlospebotu.co Music. Skip to main content. Try Prime EN Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Account Sign in Account & Lists Returns & Orders Try Prime Cart. CDs & Vinyl. Go Search Hello Select your address.
  2. Explore releases from Beyond The Grave at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Beyond The Grave at the Discogs Marketplace.
  3. From Beyond the Grave is a British anthology horror film from Amicus Productions, directed by horror director Kevin Connor, produced by Milton Subotsky and based on stories by R. Chetwynd-Hayes. It was the last in a series of anthology films from Amicus and was preceded by Dr. Terror's House of Horrors (), Torture Garden (), The House That Dripped Blood (), Asylum ( Music by: Douglas Gamley.
  4. Main Article: Beyond the Grave/Enemies. There are various bizarre enemies and bosses to face off against in the underworld, above is a full list of them. Nightmares. Nightmares are this game's special moves to be used in battle, they deal more damage than Developer(s).CaptainCat
  5. But Graveyard's focus also falters every now and then, and most obviously during the Captain Beyond-esque "As the Years Pass By, The Hours Bend," where their acid trip goes awry midway through, and the closing "Satan's Finest," which may be fundamentally sound of music, but feels forced and gratuitous of lyric (who knew too much Satan could be 7/
  6. Explore releases from The Graveyard Boulevard at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from The Graveyard Boulevard at the Discogs Marketplace.
  7. Jan 22,  · [PDF] Beyond the Grave, Revised and Updated Edition: The Right Way and the Wrong Way of Leaving. Morpheus Riccardo. Trending. Nurse Ratched. 'I worked with men all my life' 'Ratched's' women open up about Hollywood. Sun TV. Ratched TV - How to K.i.l.l - Nurse Ratched. Tvideo.
  8. Various - Rockin' Nightmares - LP (Nightmare Records) 20 rare monster recordings from the s - superb pressing qualityTracklistA1 –.. $
  9. Listen to Ozzy: didsfecbiwhilrare.ununitlartabesympphrathlospebotu.co Subscribe to the official Ozzy Osbourne YouTube channel: didsfecbiwhilrare.ununitlartabesympphrathlospebotu.co Director: Jonas Å.

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